Stud II | Brendan Fernandes

Medium: Screenprint
Paper Type: Stonehenge
Year: 2019
Edition Size: 10
Dimensions: 36″ x 30″
Published Spudnik Press Cooperative
Inscriptions: Edition, Signature, Year (Verso)

Stud is a new silkscreen series by Chicago-based artist, Brendan Fernandes. The prints are composed of leather belt stud patterns pulled from catalogues from the Leather Archives and Museum. From a time when the practices of queer and kink communities were actively censored and criminalized, these ephemeral, zine-like catalogues were zeroxed and circulated covertly within communities in lieu of the leather and kink storefronts and online shops available today. Like much of Fernandes’ work, this print remixes materials from the archive, in this case, an archive that is highly codified and abstracted for its own protection. Fernandes’ new composition builds on this history of abstraction, composing new minimalist, nested compositions to honour how these abstractions protected and were protected by individuals within communities.