Coda: like a river | Cynthia Weiss (Ten x Ten 2015)

Medium: Screenprint
Year: 2015
Edition Size: 10
Dimensions: 18″ x 18″

Coda: like a river is one of ten prints published as part of the Ten x Ten 2015 Collection. Ten x Ten 2015 is the result of a year-long collaboration involving ten unique partnerships between jazz/improvising musicians and visual artists focused on the role of improvisation.

Coda: like a river was printed in conjunction with music by the same name composed by Paul Giallorenzo.

“Paul and Cynthia explored the synergies in their composition process to build both a musical and visual work of art. Paul spoke in visual terms as he described his process: he began with a sound field, then layered instruments and sounds like droplets of water coalescing towards a unifying flow of sound. The musicians came in and out of the composition concluding with everyone coming together like a coda – a river on a map. Cynthia’s work represents this lovely metaphor, as she layered expressive line, shape and color, ending with the key that brings the work together.”