WaterBodies | Amanda Lilleston & Lisa Matthias

Artist Book
Risography on 
French Paper Parchtone Mist
with Screenprinted Vellum Envelope
Edition of 100
5″ x 5″
Published by Spudnik Press Cooperative

This publication was made to accompany WaterBodies, an exhibition featuring artwork by Amanda Lilleston & Lisa Matthias.

Lisa Matthias is an artist and printmaker living near Edmonton, Alberta. After working as a professional ecologist for over a decade she became a full-time artist. Her artwork draws from her experiences as an ecologist and she often captures microscopic images, and field sound recordings, in her creative practice.

Amanda Lilleston is a visual artist living in Maine. Her artwork depicts a long and evolving relationship with human anatomy, physiology and ecology. Using drawing, carving, and printing, Lilleston transforms imagery of the body into adapting forms and structures.

This collaborative publication highlights the relationships within and between humans and the natural world. Organic forms shift and adapt together. They are simultaneously architectural and biological, abstract and referential, expressive and structured, and always in perpetual motion.