Tender Twenties Print Exchange

Opening Reception: Saturday, March 7TH, 6-10PM

Closing Reception & Open House: Saturday, March 28TH 6-9PM

Gallery Hours: Mon & Thursday 6:30-11pm, or by appointment.

If you were born after 1979 and before 1988, you must be a twenty-something. Twenty-somethings weren’t around for the Kennedy assassination. Didn’t gape at the Watergate scandal. Didn’t cheer on the space race. But these people born between the years of 1979 and 1988, will shape the future, despite not being around for the past.

What defines this demographic? What qualities are projected onto 20-somethings or what are 20-somethings projecting? What does it mean to be in this tender age of budding adulthood? Are we young, and naive, or grown and insightful? And if we addressed this in our art (do we address this in our art?), what would it look like?

Spudnik Press decided to find out. We invited 20 “emerging” artists from Chicago and beyond to participate in the print exchange Tender Twenties.

Featured Artists:

Andrew Blair
Julie Boehmer
Kinsey Brady
Scott Campana
Caroline Carlsmith
Alicia Corman
Lenora Ditzler
Brianna Edwards
Brianne Farley
Chelsea Ann Goodwin
Sarazen Haile
Julia Vodrey Hendrickson
Megan Klawitter
Georgeanne Louise Krampien
Angee Lennard
Laura Mariposa
Ryan O’Hean
Sarah Pargulski
Rachel Pollak
Andy Schmidt
Jessica Taylor