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Call to Members: Sign up for our June Pop-Up Print Sales!

As Spudnik turns ten, we are excited to brag about our community of artists and makers. We have organized two pop-up art sales to help our members sell some art and make some money:

Saturday, June 3, 12-5pm:
Pop-Up Print Sale @ Birthday Bash Printing Dash

Saturday, June 17, 11-6pm:
Pop-Up Print Sale @ Galerie F

Participating is free and simple: We are trying a new process to keep things professional and streamlined: Each artist will simply drop off a presentation book full of their artwork by May 31. Spudnik will coordinate sales at a central cashier station for both pop-up sales and provide packaging for sold artwork. Artists are required to volunteer for just one shift at one of the two events.

Do you make comics, zines, apparel, or cards? We’ve got you covered! In addition to a presentation book per artist, each event will have a table just for cards and publications and rack for t-shirts and textiles.

 Requirements to Participate:

  • Participants must be current members of Spudnik Press Cooperative.
  • Participants must sign up for one or more volunteer shifts at either the Birthday Bash Printing Dash or the Pop-Up Print Sale @ Galerie F.
  • There is no participation fee, but Spudnik Press Cooperative will process all sales and retain 25% of all sales to cover fees, packaging, and event production costs.
  • Each artist will be able to submit one presentation book, like this Blick brand one or this Itoya brand one, or this one for larger prints, not to exceed 24”x30”, filled with as many artworks as they desire.
  • Artists may also bring up to 20 publications, cards, or textiles to be displayed on a table or clothing rack.
  • Artists must completely fill out our 2-in-1 price tag & receipt for each and every artwork. These tags should be folded in half and placed around the edge of each print or in the sleeve with each print.
  • Multiple copies of prints may be included by either placing more than one print in each sleeve, or by submitting one additional package of artwork containing all the multiples. Each of these prints must have an accompanying tag/receipt.
  • While portfolios may contain non-print artwork, the majority of art for sale must feature printmaking.

To Participate:

  1. Complete the Online Sign Up Form by Monday, May 15.
  2. Sign up for any Volunteer Shift at either the Birthday Bash or Galerie F.
  3. Drop off artwork and completed tags/receipts by Wednesday, May 31.
  4. Pick up all unsold artwork between June 26 and July 15.

Please direct all questions to

Spudnik Press Cooperative Celebrates 10 Years of Community Printmaking

Spudnik Press Cooperative is celebrating a milestone: A decade of community arts programming!

This June, we will kick off a full month of special programming as well as a fundraising campaign to support our mission to provide affordable and approachable printmaking resources to Chicagoans.

Without a communal studio, dedicated equipment, highly trained staff and approachable programs, printmaking is out of reach for most. However, Spudnik Press has found inventive ways to keep their extensive collection of tools and equipment available to all. We opened our doors as a work/live studio in 2007 with a simple drop-in Open Studio program. Today, programming includes a network of opportunities from youth field trips to three month residencies for local artists.  In 2016 alone, we hosted over 587 students and 668 Open Studio visits.

Our big anniversary celebration is the Birthday Bash Printing Dash on Saturday June 3, featuring an afternoon of print-themed field day competitions, studio tours, music, and food. Donations from this event will be invested in the all-new member-driven Equipment Fund. This new initiative is raising funds for equipment upgrades, expansions, and repairs.

Grab Tickets Now for a chance to win a Free workshop

Spudnik Press Cooperative is also debuting a new Print of the Month Club that highlights 12 of their 175 members. Each month, subscribers will receive a fresh-off-the-press print designed by a member of the cooperative.  Print of the Month Club sales directly fund the featured artists and sustain the day in day out programs at Spudnik Press.

Join Our Print of the Month Club

Want to know more about our big milestone?
View the 10th Anniversary Press Release
View Upcoming Events

Where have we gone, before we go

A Themed Portfolio


Jennifer Scheuer  

Featured Artists:

Anne Beidler, John Bergmeier, Ed Bernstein, Kaitlyn Collyer, Benjy Davies, Pamela Drix, Fred Hagstrom, Raluca Iancu, Eleanor Jensen, Kathryn Maxwell, Katherine Miller, Greg Page, Minna Resnick, Mary Robinson, Nick Ruth, Carrie ScangaJennifer Scheuer, Hannah Skoonberg, Taro Takizawa, Ruth Weisberg


6/16/2017 – 8/5/2017


The Annex at Spudnik Press

Corresponding Events:

Where have we gone, before we go
Opening Reception & Exhibition Talk
Friday, June 16th, 2017
6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. 

Press Release:

Where we have been, before we go features twenty prints that investigate the art making process as a progressive and ever-evolving exercise. Twenty artists were each asked to produce new work in the form of a diptych that reflects their own current artistic practice in contrast with their earlier artistic aesthetics, themes or processes. How does self-perception affect artistic creation?

This exhibition brings together a diverse group of artists from across the country, many exhibiting for the first time in Chicago. Participants represent a broad range of artistic approaches and careers. This portfolio of prints utilizes many print processes including screenprinting, lithography, relief, photographic processes, and more.

In addition to the flat prints on paper, the portfolio incorporates a decisive book arts component. Each portfolio is packaged with book binding supplies and instructions. Participating artist is charged with manipulating the prints to a unique drum leaf book, each deciding how they prefer to sequence the images. This process highlights the role of personal interpretation, narration, and perspective. The “Where we have been, before we go” exhibition features just one solution of how the book can be assembled.

The portfolio was organized in conjunction with the 2017 Southern Graphics International Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. The drum leaf book will be donated to Cornell Universities’ Fine Arts Library as a book available for checkout through their new book arts collection program.

Image by Fred Hagstrom

Spudnik Press Announces New Staff: Rachel Foster

Spudnik Press Cooperative welcomes Rachel Foster as Studio Coordinator, a new position for the organization.

Rachel has been a contributing member of the Spudnik community for several years in various roles such as teaching and exhibiting artist. Now, as staff, she is excited to meet members, students, and our full community of artists and makers.

Rachel has both a B.F.A. and M.F.A. in fine art and has always had a love for printmaking. Her print work can be found in Printeresting’s Ghost compilation as well as The New Concrete: Conrete Poetry in the 21st Century. Her work can also be find in the collections of ArtNow International and the Museum of Contemporary Photography.

In addition to her experiences as an artist and printmaker, she has extensive administrative experience. Her cumulative professional experiences makes her an invaluable resource for Spudnik Press Cooperative an our community.

If you see her around the studio, say hello and welcome her to the team! Rachel is here to assist with press reservations, orientations, class registration, and all other general inquiries. She can be reached at or 312-563-0302.


Our 2016 Annual Report: A Year at Spudnik Press Cooperative

Our 2016 Annual Report highlights that 2016 was an energetic year for Spudnik Press Cooperative. Our calendar of programming was the most robust to date and our small staff worked round the clock to provide hundreds of artists the artistic opportunities, education, comradery and studio facilities they need for their creative pursuits to thrive.

As we approach our ten year anniversary, we are taking stock of our assets and making sure we can continue serving the Chicago community for many more years to come.

I am incredibly proud of Spudnik Press Cooperative and hope that you will join me in looking back on our accomplishments, and more importantly looking forward to another year of unique programming in support of the hundreds of incredible artists that come through our doors each year.

With gratitude to all of our supporters,

Angee Lennard
Founder & Executive Director

View the 2016 Annual Report

2017 Studio Fellowship Program: Now Accepting Proposals

Deadline to Apply: March 26, 2017

Spudnik Press Cooperative is accepting applications for our Fellowship Program, our flagship opportunity for emerging artists to gain access unrestricted access to our studios.

This is a seven-month program that provides support for young artists through full studio access and professional development opportunities. Fellows will acquire leadership skills and Studio Assistance experience through monitoring a weekly open studio session. Fellows will also work closely with each other and staff to develop and lead Community Workshops at Spudnik Press.

In addition to monitoring one Open Studio session per week, Fellows will also take on leadership roles at special events, member meetings, and outreach efforts. Fellows will meet regularly to share artwork and support each others projects. The program creates accountability for the cohort of four fellows as they set personal goals, create healthy studio habits, and develop their portfolio.

This program is geared towards recent graduates and other artists in a similar transitional period. Four positions are available per term.

2017 Studio Fellowship:

To Apply:

  1. Please download the 2017 Studio Fellowship Call
  2. Download the 2017 Studio Fellowship Proposal Form
  3. Return all materials to by Sunday, March 26, 2017.

Important Dates:

Deadline to Apply: Sunday, March 26 2, 2017
Fellowship Orientation & Training: May 2017. Dates & times TBD.
Monthly Fellows Meetings: Second Wednesday of each Month, 6:00 – 8:00 p.m.
Individual Monitor Shifts Begin: June 1, 2017
Fellowship Ends: November 30, 2017

Pictured Above: Past Studio Fellows Margaret Hitch and Stephanie Benhaim leading “The Spontaneous Screenprint” community workshop.

One More Chili Babble: Today is National Chili Day!


Did you know…

Today is National Chili Day! Today is a day to celebrate this remarkable stew and gear up for a delicious weekend of eating.

This most happy holiday promotes not only the wonderful stew, cooked the world over, but the many cultural traditions surrounding this hearty dish.

Do not worry! The wait is coming to an end! The 2017 Hashbrown Chili Cook-Off starts in less then 48 hours, where the chili will be ample, the games ridiculous, the company unsurpassed, and the fun incalculable.

Grab your pre-sale tickets now to save $5 off each adult ticket!

Chili Babbles #10: Cooks vs Cons?

In just two days, 18 chefs will come together to face-off chili to chili. Three will go home winners, but only one will receive the coveted “Chili Champ” Juror’s Choice Award!

We asked our chefs if they’ve ever competed in a cook-off before, and here’s what they said:


Just how often do our chefs cook chili?  


Where exactly are our chefs finding their recipes?


Will you be able to tell who the real chefs are? Will the novices be able to convince you they are pros?

At the Hashbrown Chili Cook-Off, we let YOU be the judge! Reserve your discounted pre-sale tickets today and prepare to give your taste buds the challenge of a lifetime.

We look forward to seeing you this Saturday, February 25!

Chili Babbles #9: Our Chefs

In just a few days, 19 chefs will come together to prepare our guests a winter feast with 19 varieties of chili, 2 types of tamales, cocktails, beer, and more. But who exactly are our chefs????

Chicago ACT Collective
Chicago Alternative Comics Expo
Chicago Design Museum
Chicago Printmakers Collaborative

Candor Arts
Cul de Sac Press

Double Trip Press
Fata Morgana Press
Hoofprint Workshop
Metal Magic Interiors
Metropolitan Brewing
Transit Residency

Team Chi-Chi-Chili
The Birthday Bash Printing Dash Team
(Plus More Spudnik Member Teams)

Okay. So now we know their names. Yet we know so little about their food preferences! Luckily, our investigative reporters were able to dig up some facts. Here is what they discovered:

Just under half favor dinner over other meals. 27% prefer snacks. 

Cracker Barrel tied with Bob Evans as “Favorite Casual Dining Restaurant Chain” with the majority of chefs preferring to keep their chair restaurant indulgence top secret.

If our chefs could each invite a guest, dead or alive, to a dinner, here’s who would be at the table:

Are you ready to meet these chefs in person? Ticket’s for the 2017 Hashbrown Chili Cook-Off & Carnival on Saturday, February 25 start at just $20 ($10 for kids). Reserve your ticket for unlimited chili and print-themed carnival games!

2017 Hashbrown Chili Cook-Off & Carnival
Saturday, February 25, 2017
6:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Reserve Your Tickets

Chili Babbles #8: Eating Contests

Did you know…

The first recorded eating contest is featured in Norse mythology, when Loki challenged Logi to a meat-eating race. Both gods ate their meat in record time, but Logi ate the bones and the plates too, securing himself the win.

The first eating contest with human competitors was likely in the late 1800s, as carnival organizers found a new to sell food and draw a crowd all at the same time. Since then, eating contests have sprung up around the world. Here’s some of our favorite food-focused records:

7 sticks of butter in 5 minutes
49 donuts in 8 minutes
A 22 oz Slurpee in 9 seconds
35 BBQ brisket sandwiches in 10 minutes
275 jalapeno peppers in 8 minutes

Are you ready for your own personal eating content? See just how many chilis you can taste at the 2017 Hashbrown Chili Cook-Off & Carnival approaches on Saturday, February 25. Reserve your tickets today!

2017 Hashbrown Chili Cook-Off & Carnival
Saturday, February 25, 2017
6:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Reserve Your Tickets

Chili Babbles #7: The Hashbrowns Past

This isn’t our first rodeo. In fact, it isn’t a rodeo at all. It’s a cook-off. And it isn’t our first.

Inspired by Sunday Soup, a community micro-granting project initiated by the now defunct InCubate, The Hashbrown began in 2010 as a community event to raise funds for our big expansion into our current home. In the early years, chefs heralded from the many printshops throughout Chicago.

In 2014, peer non-profits were first invited to compete. This brought new chefs to the table including Read Write Library, Soup and Bread, and 60 Inches From Center.

Carnival games were first introduced in 2016 with the popular Vandercook Target Practice.

This year, the event has again reinvented itself with:

  • All new carnival games
  • All inclusive tickets: Unlimited chili, unlimited games, unlimited tamales.
  • Youth tickets: Bring the whole family!
  • All new Chili Champ award selected by a Guest Jurors, David Hammond (Newcity Dining & Drink Editor) and Pat Berger (Kaiser Tiger)
  • More chefs including Spudnik Member Teams! More games! And a bonus Silent Auction! We are going all out!

Ready for the newest and greatest Hashbrown? You are in luck! It’s happening again on Saturday, February 25. Tickets are going fast, so grab them while you can!

Be on the lookout for more Chili Babbles as the 2017 Hashbrown Chili Cook-Off & Carnival approaches on Saturday, February 25. In the meantime, reserve your ticket for unlimited chili and print-themed carnival games!

2017 Hashbrown Chili Cook-Off & Carnival
Saturday, February 25, 2017
6:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Reserve Your Tickets

Chili Babbles #6: For the Health of It!

Did you know…

Consuming chili peppers is just good for more than flavor and proving one’s might. Here’s five healthy benefits of pepper-heavy diet:

  1.     Chili peppers are a better source of vitamin C than oranges.
  2.     Hot peppers lowers blood pressure.
  3.     The capsaicin in peppers makes an effective anti-inflammatory.
  4.     The enzyme luetin, found in peppers, can prevent cataracts and macular degeneration.
  5.     Ingesting spicy food can help lower cholesterol.

Do these sound like health benefits you are ready for? We have just the opportunity for you! Be on the lookout for more Chili Babbles as the 2017 Hashbrown Chili Cook-Off & Carnival approaches on Saturday, February 25. In the meantime, reserve your ticket for unlimited chili and print-themed carnival games!

2017 Hashbrown Chili Cook-Off & Carnival
Saturday, February 25, 2017
6:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Reserve Your Tickets