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Annual Benefit Raises $19,000 towards the 10th Anniversary Campaign

On Saturday, October 7, the Chicago art community came together in celebration of our 10th Anniversary. Through a mix of ticket sales, auction bids, and donations, supporters contributed over $19,000 to the 10th Anniversary Campaign.

Since launching the campaign in June, we have been able to raise $28,456. We are now 44% towards our goal of $65,000.

This year-long fundraising effort is essential for Spudnik Press to establish a Reserve Fund and ensure that the organization remains a resilient resource for years to come. Additionally, funds will support the expansion and improvement of professional-track programs including the Fellowship and Residency.

Unique in our dedication to printmaking and related traditions, Spudnik Press offers professional facilities and rare equipment. We are committed to not only collecting necessary equipment, but also maintaining a studio that is inviting and utilized by as many people as possible. Without a communal space with well-maintained equipment, trained staff and approachable programs, printmaking is out of reach for most.  In 2016 we served 3,263 people. 587 people enrolled in 84 classes and workshops. Each year, over 750 Open Studio visits are logged and over 30 artists utilize our 24-hour access Keyholder program.

All of this would not be possible with out broad community support.

In the following eight months, we seek to raise the remaining $38,544 from individuals and businesses. We encourage those interested in supporting the campaign to:

  1. Become a Spudnik Press Member.
  2. Become a member of our Giving Circle with a $250+ donation.
  3. Contribute specifically to the Equipment Fund.
  4. Ask your employer to become a Sponsor.
  5. Add a $1 donation at Open Studio sessions.

Our goal is ambitious, but attainable. 2017 has been our busiest years yet with an increase in youth field trips, new partnerships and projects with the Block Museum and the Broad Museum at MSU, the acquisition of a new letterpress and risograph machine, new staff and new board members, and more. As we make plans for 2018, we hope to continue offering a robust calendar of programs for any and all who wish to be creative through print.

Support our 10th Anniversary Campaign. Donate Today.

Photo by Abbi Chase.

Spudnik Press Welcomes 2017 Resident Artists

Spudnik Press Cooperative is excited to introduce the three recipients of the 2017 Residency. This fall, we welcome Jonathan Herrera, Amber Huff, and Yasaman Moussavi to each create new bodies of print-based artwork using the tools, equipment and resources available within the Spudnik Press studios. The Residency Program provides these three artists with not only studio facilities, but critiques with arts professionals and a 2018 solo exhibition.

While each artist will be pursuing their own unique personal practice, the three artists all plan to develop mixed installations that incorporate printmaking as a critical component of their project.

In anticipation of their residency, our incoming resident artists will present their work to our members at the Annual Member Meeting on August 16, 2017.

2017 Resident Artists

Jonathan Herrera

Jonathan Herrera is a print-based studio artist and teacher from Chicago, IL. He has recently graduated and holds a BFA from the Minneapolis College in Art and Design. Through his studio practice and teaching philosophy, Herrera engages multiple facets of place-making and thinking in order to express ideas through concept building, process, and materials. He constantly works to create accessibility in both art and education by connecting his studio work, public work, and community engagement. Herrera has recently exhibited work at the Minnesota Museum of American Art, The Soap Factory (Minneapolis, MN), and Concordia Gallery (St. Paul, MN).

Amber Huff

Amber is a Chicago-based graphic designer and illustrator. She has a BFA from Boston University and recently graduated with an MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Her love for storytelling has recently taken the form of comics, writing, and sculpture.

Yasaman Moussavi

Yasaman Moussavi is a visual artist whose work reflects the spiritual attachment to places and the emotional tension between today’s precarious living and the Persian’s poetic tradition of “living in harmony with nature.” Moussavi was born in Tehran, Iran and she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in painting from the Al-Zahra University of Tehran.

She holds an MFA degree with an emphasis in painting and print making from Texas Tech University, where she explored and developed her skills in papermaking, printmaking and installation art. She has participated in many group national and international exhibitions such as Juried International Exhibition of Contemporary Art, Irving Art center, TX, A.I.R Gallery Biennial, Brooklyn, NY, “Norouzaneh” International Mini Print Annual Exhibition at Sagene Kunstsmie, Oslo, Spazio 74/b Milan and Chicago.


Member Interview: Sula Medovoy

Sula Medovoy is a recent graduate of Ohio University with BFA’S in Graphic Design and Print Making. She currently is working as a graphic designer.

Tell us about yourself and what you do?

I’m Sula. I am a printmaker and graphic designer from Cleveland, Ohio. I’ve been in Chicago for one year, and am currently working as a graphic designer with a focus on packaging and branding.

When did you know you wanted to pursue a career of art making?

I spent most of my life categorically against a career in art. My mother is a painter and my older sister is a graphic designer, so I wanted to defy that path and do something else. I was always an avid doodler, but avoided getting into any serious art-making until right before I had to apply to college. I realized then any other field would make me want to jump off a bridge after five years.

What is your favorite printing process and how were you introduced to it?

Screenprinting, by far. I saw it for the first time at university. I was primarily studying graphic design, and I didn’t know anything at all about printmaking. I ended up in the screen shop one evening, saw someone pull a print, and thought it looked like actual witchcraft. I decided I also wanted to be a witch.

It seems as though some of your art has some visual similarities to Western European post soviet illustrations. Has this influenced you at all?

Hugely. My parents are immigrants from the Soviet Union, so I grew up surrounded by Russian animations, children’s books, posters, etc. There’s a very specific but subtle visual humor in Western European art and media that I try to infuse into most of my work.

Your portfolio is very well rounded in the way it included fine art as well as more design oriented art. Do you prefer fine art or design oriented commissions? Why?

I’m drawn to design because I like visual problem solving. Even my “fine art” pieces are usually informed by some form of graphic challenge. I like what I can do with limitations.

You illustrate many goofy little characters, in your mind do all these characters live on the same planet in your mind or are they in separate entities?

All of my creatures exist in separate but comparable universes. Their paths will never cross.

Has the art community in Chicago had any affect on your success and the way you create art?

Living in Chicago has been a huge shift in my creative process. I studied art and design in Athens, Ohio, so I learned to eliminate trends and outside influences when thinking about art because it’s a more isolated area. Going from that to working in a big hip city gave me the best of both worlds, where now I can see how design functions in the world and think about my work in that context.

Are there any places in Chicago you find yourself going to when you are in need of inspiration?

I’m often drawn to the lake at night when I need to have a good thinking session. I enjoy a complete mental vacuum for coming up with ideas. Day to day, I look at branding and restaurant design around the city. I’ve also been talking to printmakers at various art festivals, seeing what their work set-up is like. I’m trying to build my own studio in a few years so I can lock down a hermit lifestyle.

What fun things do you find yourself getting into when you are not creating art?

I like biking around the city, and I’m also a bit of a pianist.

If you could have dinner with three artist who would they be?

I’ll try to choose artists that I’d imagine would be compatible with each other, so the conversation at the table isn’t awkward. Parra illustrates a bunch of voluptuous naked bird people. His work is sharp-witted, clean, and he is really good at contorting bodies.  Olga Capdevila’s work is very cozy and hilarious. Her style is colorful and nostalgic. Yoon Miwon makes deliciously clever hand-painted loop animations.

Who would you want to collaborate with after dinner?

Olga. She’s the sort of artist that isn’t so concerned with perfectionism, and is more interested in trying as many techniques as she can. I think it’d be neat to do a mural or a series of animations with her.

Are there any exciting projects you are working on now that we can expect to see in the near future? And if so where can we check them out?

I’m working on a huge lobster print right now. That should be ready in a little bit. I’ve also been developing my animation skills. Everything will eventually make its way to my website,

If you want to see more about Sula and her art. Visit her instagram, @sulaissula, or website , .


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We want your opinion! Help our studio thrive and evolve to best meet the needs of our community.

New to Spudnik? That’s great! Welcome! We want your opinion too!

Take the 2017 Spudnik Programming Survey

As a thank you, we are giving away four $25 Visa Gift Cards. Simple leave your email at the end of the survey, and we’ll announce winners after the survey closes on 8/25/17.


2018 Winter Class & Workshop Proposals | Due 9/24/17

Three times each year, we accept proposals from both new-to-Spudnik and veteran Teaching Artists to lead “Special Topics” classes and workshops. These often one-off opportunities allow us to host guest teaching artists, teach intermediate or advanced skills, present atypical or unique workshop topics, and occasionally even align learning opportunities to other programs like our exhibitions.

Proposals for Winter 2018 Special Topics Classes are due Sunday, September 24 at midnight. For all the details please download our 2018 Spudnik Call for Class Proposals. To apply, download and return our 2018 Class Proposal Form or 2018 Workshop Proposal Form along with a Supply Request Form.

Incomplete applications will not be reviewed. Please direct all questions to

Spudnik Press Cooperative Inks Plans for an Andy Warhol Factory Inspired 10th Anniversary Celebration

Print Factory Art Party

Saturday, October 7, 2017
6:00 – 9:00 p.m.
9:30 p.m. After Party
Discounted ticket sales end August 1

Chicago, IL (July 17, 2017) – Print Factory Art Party, taking place Saturday, October 7, 2017, 6 pm – 12 am at Low Res pays homage to Spudnik’s industrious production and the volume of artists that use their presses to make art. The fete is recognition of the organization as a place for ideas, experimentation, camaraderie, and personal artistic growth.

“We believe the eclecticism of Warhol’s legendary hub is the perfect way to celebrate our own indefinable community of visionaries,” said Jessica Cochran, Independent Curator, Consultant, and Spudnik Board Member. “Guests can look forward to Warholian touches everywhere from artisanal cocktails, music and, most importantly, dozens of artworks by Chicago’s finest artists.”

The Benefit is both Spudnik’s largest annual fundraising event and a platform in which to showcase Chicago’s thriving visual arts community. “The Benefit is, in many ways, a culminating celebration of the work we do throughout the year to support Chicago artists,” said Angee Lennard, Spudnik Founder and Director. “It really embraces our mission of being community-focused and welcoming to all who want to be creative and support the arts.”

Most pressing is the silent art auction which features unique and unseen artwork from notable artists including: Alberto AguilarClaire AshleyDan DeveningEdie FakeJudith GeichmanDavid LeggettJason Pickleman. This year, a Spudnik member section, curated by Jason Foumberg, will highlight work by young artists supported by Spudnik Press.

“What excites me most about this year’s benefit is the quality and dynamism of our art auction,” added Cochran. “We’re featuring artists who are known internationally alongside fresh emerging talent, the works on view represent our evolution as an arts organization at 10 years old. Not many arts organizations bring together artist from so many different pockets of our thriving art community into one exciting sale where both casual and experienced art collectors can find their next treasure.”

New additions to the event this year are the exclusive VIP lounge and the after-party where, for a nominal ticket price, guests can enjoy a dance party all while supporting Spudnik. “Donations made during the after-party will be earmarked for new studio equipment chosen by our members and for the benefit of all who print at Spudnik,” said Lennard.

Tickets at


Media Contact
Angee Lennard
Founder + Director

Cassie Tompkins: A Revision of Everyday Life

Featured Artist:

Cassie Tompkins


8/11/2017 – 9/30/2017


The Annex at Spudnik Press

Corresponding Events:

A Revision of Everyday Life
Opening Reception & Exhibition Talk
Friday, August 11th, 2017
6:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. 

Press Release:

A Revision of Everyday Life, is a series of screen-printed and dyed fabric monoprints that capture the splendor of quotidian life. Through an expression of geometric and abstract shapes, these prints explore the emotional experience of color, tensions between opposites, and the nature of daily life. Tompkins’ technique merges industrial (screen-printing) and traditional (dyeing) craft to amplify the space between the exquisite and the drab. She strives to capture her wonder and appreciation of natural and manmade phenomena through material explorations. The flowing drape of the wall-mounted cotton panels, inclusion of design elements, and the imprecision of the processes speaks to her improvisational philosophy of making—work makes work—each step informs the next, each panel inspires the following, and if there is a plan it’s, on the whole, guesswork. The resultant imagery is bright and graphic, inviting the viewer to take another look at their own surroundings— a revision of everyday life —through material and designed transformations.

Image: “Purple and Orange Gradient,” Cassie Tompkins. Cotton, plain weave; shibori dyed, screen printed. 2017.

Spudnik Press is Hiring: Program Director, Studio Technician, Administrative Assistant

Spudnik Press Cooperative is now accepting applications for three permanent paid positions.

The staff at Spudnik Press is shifting and growing to include three unique positions in addition to the Executive Director. The Program Director will work closely with the Executive Director to bring leadership and strategic vision to programming at Spudnik Press Cooperative. The Studio Technician is charged with maintaining the tools, equipment, and facilities at Spudnik Press Cooperative, performing routine studio maintenance, and resolving technical issues as they arise. The Administrative & Marketing Assistant provides broad administrative support for Spudnik Press programs.

All three positions require a love of printmaking and community-based arts. Staff are expected to bring passion and integrity to their work while enjoying the community of creative artists, makers, students, and teachers that contribute to Spudnik Press.

To apply:

Downloaded and review the job descriptions:

Program Director
Studio Technician
Administrative & Marketing Assistant

Please send e-mail with a PDF resume and PDF cover letter to Please direct any questions to this e-mail address as well.

Application review will begin on July 15.

Call for Members: Member Section of Annual Benefit | Juried by Jason Foumberg

Deadline to Apply: Saturday, July 15

This opportunity is for members of Spudnik Press only. If you are not currently a member please join or renew prior to submitting artwork.

The 2017 Annual Benefit, our largest fundraiser of the year, aims to raise $25,000 to be invested in our studio and our programs. Each year, the event’s art auction draws over 100 collectors, curators, and arts professionals to support Spudnik, bid on art, and discover emerging artists.

New in 2017, the auction will include dedicated Member Section, juried by the esteemed arts writer, Jason Foumberg (Art Forum, Art in America, Chicago Magazine). Selected artworks will be framed, compliments of Blick Lincoln Park.

Past benefit attendees include curators from the MCA, DePaul Art Museum, AIC, Hyde Park Art Center, as well as dozens of gallerists and private collectors. This opportunity provides members with a platform to reach new followers as well as a way to support the studio. Each member featured in the auction will receive complimentary admission to the benefit. 100% Sales from the Member Benefit Auction will go support Spudnik Press Cooperative.

In addition to the Member Section of the benefit auction, the Annex gallery will feature the Annual Member Exhibition, peer juried by the member-led Exhibitions Committee. Every artist that submits artwork will have at least one artwork included in either the auction or the exhibition.

To Participate:

  1. Drop off up to five unique artwork by Saturday, July 15.
  2. When dropping off art, fill out and attach a label to each piece. Ask staff or monitors for assistance.
  3. All artwork will first be reviewed by Jason Foumberg for inclusion in the Annual Benefit auction.
  4. Artwork will then be reviewed by the Exhibitions Committee for inclusion in the Annual Members Exhibition.
  5. Members will be notified of acceptance into both opportunities by August 1.
  6. Save the date for the October 7 Benefit! Artists selected for the Member Section of the auction will receive one complimentary ticket ($40 value) and access to discounted tickets for their guests.


  •    Participating artists must be current Spudnik Press members.
  •    There is no participation or entry fee.
  •    Participants may submit up to five artworks.
  •    Artwork dimensions must not exceed 22×30”.
  •    Recent artwork is preferred.

Guest Curator:

Jason Foumberg is Chicago Magazine’s contributing art critic, and he has written about contemporary Chicago art for, Photograph, Art Papers, Frieze, and Art in America, as well as exhibition catalogue essays for the Museum of Contemporary Art, Threewalls, Columbia College Chicago, the Loyola University Museum of Art, the DePaul Art Museum, Valerie Carberry Gallery, and the Chicago Artists Coalition. He is currently curator at the Carl & Marilynn Thoma Art Foundation.


Corresponding Events:

Print Factory Art Party Annual Benefit
Saturday, October 7

Hubbard Street Loft Open House
Friday, October 20

Annual Member Exhibition Closing Reception & Member Party


Please direct any questions you may have to



10th Anniversary Campaign to Raise $65,000 for Long-term Stability and Program Support

On Saturday, June 3, aligned with the celebration of their 10th Anniversary, the staff, board, and members of Spudnik Press Cooperative kicked off a year-long fundraising campaign that will be invested in the longterm stability of the organization as well as professional-track programs.

The 10th Anniversary Campaign will raise $65,000 from individuals and businesses between June 2017 and June 2018.

The all-new Spudnik Press Giving Circle offers the organizations most dedicated supporters acknowledgement and incentives to continue supporting the mission to provide affordable and approachable access to printmaking. In addition to cash donations, admission to ticketed fundraisers, winning auction bids, and Studio Memberships will all accrue towards the Support, Patron, and Benefactor Giving Circle levels.

Businesses that would like to support Spudnik Press Cooperative can take advantage of the Sponsorship Program that combines philanthropic support with opportunities for creative staff retreats via customized “Ink and Drink” events.

Within the overarching fundraising goal, members of Spudnik Press have stepped up their investment in their studio by initiating an Equipment Fund dedicated to upgrading, expanding, and repairing shared equipment. By contributing to our Equipment Fund, donors can ensure that the collection of rare presses remains in great shape for the hundreds of artists and students that use the studio day in and day out.

Guests at the Birthday Bash Printing Dash contributed the first $2350 towards the Anniversary Campaign.

Raising the remaining $62,650 will allow Spudnik Press to deepen the support they provide Chicago’s create community through specifically their Fellowship and Residency Programs. Additionally, the organization will invest in a newly establish Reserve Fund to ensure that the organization remains a resilient resource for years to come.

Donate to the 10th Anniversary Campaign

Support the Campaign with tickets to the Print Factory Art Party

10 Events to Celebrate 10 Years | JUNE 2017

Through out June 2017, Spudnik Press Cooperative is presenting a full calendar of programming that includes hands-on art making, community projects, exhibitions and art sales, conversations, celebrating, and fundraising. Each event will connects programs and  initiatives at Spudnik Press with students, emerging artists, established artists, collectors and art consumers. Together, the calendar of events aims to promote dialogue, raise awareness, and expose artists to new audiences.

6/1       Crossing of the Fellows: Exhibition & Artist Talks

The Spudnik Press Fellowship Program provides emerging artists unfettered access to our studios for seven months. The twice-annual Crossing of the Fellows event brings together our graduating class of fellows and our incoming cohort to present their artwork and discuss their projects.

6/2       Private Reception: Crossing of the Fellows

Spudnik’s donors are invited to join the Board of Directors for a cocktail reception celebrating seven emerging artists supported by our 2017 Fellowship Program.

6/3       Birthday Bash Printing Dash

Pre-Sale Incentive: Grab tickets now for a chance to win a free workshop!

If anyone knows how to party it’s us nerdy printmakers! No seriously, we turn ten this year and are letting our hair down. We’re throwing a party so big it takes over the entire studio and spills into the parking lot.

6/7       Drink & Draw: Comics Jam & CAKE

Join us for a double serving of CAKE:

First of all, CAKE (The Chicago Alternative Comics Expo) is right around the corner. Gear up by creating your own CAKE-worthy comics at this month’s Drink & Draw. Then, head to the snack table to grab a slice of birthday cake. What could be sweeter?

6/10     The Press Box @ CAKE

Spudnik Press Cooperative is excited to debut our new mobile print project, ThePress Box.  Named after the space dedicated to reporters and other members of the media, The Press Box invites all people to make their own headlines.  Using repositionable metal plates, The Press Box is letterpress printing meets magnetic poetry.

6/12   Publishing as Collaboration Panel Discussion

Printers have a long history of collaborating with artists, often new to making print. Why are printers so excited to get artists working in other mediums, often very disparate from flat ink on paper, to publish prints? What do artists get from the experience? Meet artists Kelly Kaczynski and Jeroen Nelemans in conversation with the printers who have been working side-by-side to produce new bodies of work at Spudnik Press Cooperative.

Presented by the Annual Benefit Committee.

6/16     Where we have been, before we go:
Opening Reception & Gallery Talk

Featuring prints that investigate the art making process as a progressive and ever-evolving exercise, artists produced diptychs reflecting past and current art practices.

6/17     Pop-Up Print Sale @ Galerie F

Our members are mounting a one-day print sale and BBQ at this Logan Square haven for print collectors. The event is free, but bring $ for art, burgers and brats.

6/25    Community Workshops Presented by the Fellowship Program

Our fellows have organized a Sunday-fun-day at the printshop exploring the papermaking and paper embellishing. These workshops are pay-what-you-can. While we do need people to register in advance, we won’t deny anyone access based on lack of funds. The suggested $20 donation covers materials and our amazing teaching artists. But any donation, even $1, will allow you to register online.

Handmade Paper: Adventures with Pulp, Embedding, and Laminating
10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

Teaching Artist: Yasaman Moussavi

Paste Papers (Plus Accordion Books!)
2:00 – 5:00 p.m.
Teaching Artists: Mary Climes & Carolina Martinez


6/29     Member Birthday Party

Join us for some good ol’ classic Birthday Party fun celebrating 10 years of Spudnik! There will be pizza, cake, drinks, games, and a raffle featuring some amazing spud gear, open studio passes, limited edition prints and more! All proceeds go towards the Spudnik Equipment Fund.

Support our 10th Anniversary Campaign


Call to Members: Sign up for our June Pop-Up Print Sales!

As Spudnik turns ten, we are excited to brag about our community of artists and makers. We have organized two pop-up art sales to help our members sell some art and make some money:

Saturday, June 3, 12-5pm:
Pop-Up Print Sale @ Birthday Bash Printing Dash

Saturday, June 17, 11-6pm:
Pop-Up Print Sale @ Galerie F

Participating is free and simple: We are trying a new process to keep things professional and streamlined: Each artist will simply drop off a presentation book full of their artwork by May 31. Spudnik will coordinate sales at a central cashier station for both pop-up sales and provide packaging for sold artwork. Artists are required to volunteer for just one shift at one of the two events.

Do you make comics, zines, apparel, or cards? We’ve got you covered! In addition to a presentation book per artist, each event will have a table just for cards and publications and rack for t-shirts and textiles.

 Requirements to Participate:

  • Participants must be current members of Spudnik Press Cooperative.
  • Participants must sign up for one or more volunteer shifts at either the Birthday Bash Printing Dash or the Pop-Up Print Sale @ Galerie F.
  • There is no participation fee, but Spudnik Press Cooperative will process all sales and retain 25% of all sales to cover fees, packaging, and event production costs.
  • Each artist will be able to submit one presentation book, like this Blick brand one or this Itoya brand one, or this one for larger prints, not to exceed 24”x30”, filled with as many artworks as they desire.
  • Artists may also bring up to 20 publications, cards, or textiles to be displayed on a table or clothing rack.
  • Artists must completely fill out our 2-in-1 price tag & receipt for each and every artwork. These tags should be folded in half and placed around the edge of each print or in the sleeve with each print.
  • Multiple copies of prints may be included by either placing more than one print in each sleeve, or by submitting one additional package of artwork containing all the multiples. Each of these prints must have an accompanying tag/receipt.
  • While portfolios may contain non-print artwork, the majority of art for sale must feature printmaking.

To Participate:

  1. Complete the Online Sign Up Form by Monday, May 15.
  2. Sign up for any Volunteer Shift at either the Birthday Bash or Galerie F.
  3. Drop off artwork and completed tags/receipts by Wednesday, May 31.
  4. Pick up all unsold artwork between June 26 and July 15.

Please direct all questions to