Double // Crossed

Featured Artists:

Salvador Andrade Arevalo
Kim Morski
Brad Rohloff


1/17/2015 – 3/1/2015


The Printshop @ Spudnik Press

Opening Reception:

Saturday January 17, 2014

Press Release:

Spudnik Press Cooperative presents Double // Crossed, an exhibition of new works by Chicago-based artists Salvador Andrade Arévalo, Kim Morski, and Brad Rohloff completed during their 2014 Studio Fellowship at the print shop. Double-crossed hones in on the artists’ desire to poke and prod the perception of trickery, be it slight misgivings or outright deception. Collectively, they employ a wide range of printing techniques including etching, relief, screenprint, letterpress, risograph, and offset lithography.

Salvador Andrade Arevalo  will display a series of etchings of phosphenes printed from a single plate, reworked over time. His repeated attempts to capture the fleeting qualities of a visual phenomenon are documented across variations in each print, in which the surface of the plate was changed or the color of the ink altered.

Kim Morski  will present three new artist books that explore the duality of language and behavior. Varying in format in media, each book’s content is related to secret radiological weapons tests that began in the 1950s, in which military-contracted scientists tested the dispersal of zinc cadmium sulfide in St. Louis, Missouri.

Brad Rohloff ‘s studio practice includes comics, editions, and drawing, as well as printing the work of other artists via his Chicago-based publishing house, Bred Press. Working with the multiple, Rohloff will include editioned objects and prints that question the autonomy and authority of objects.