Eternal Recurrence: New Editions from Spudnik Press Cooperative

Featured Artists:

Carris Adams, Claire Ashley, Judith Brotman, Elijah Burgher, Holly Cahill, Lilli Carre, Dana Carter, Tom Christison, kg, Jonathan Herrera, Richard Hull, Anita Jung, Raeleen Kao, Chad Kouri, Benjamin Larose, Judy Ledgerwood, Faheem Majeed, David Leggett, Caroline Liu, Jereon Nelemans, Paul Nudd, William J. O’Brien, Roni Packer, Steve Reinke, Kay Rosen. Alice Tippit, Orkideh Torabi, Amanda Williams, Brittney Leeanne Williams


4/5/2019 – 5/25/2019


Spudnik Press Cooperative (Printshop & Annex)

Corresponding Events:

Opening Reception & Publisher’s Talk
Friday, April 5, 2019
6:00 – 9:00pm

Press Release:

Eternal Recurrence: New Editions from Spudnik Press Cooperative features prints by 28 artists who recently developed new print-based projects through the Spudnik Press Cooperative Residency and Publishing Programs.

The Spudnik Press Cooperative Residency Program provides artists unfettered studio access to produce a new body of print-based work. For the first time in 2018, the Residency Program was open to national artists in addition to local artists. Renowned printmakers Anita Jung and Tom Christison travelled from Iowa City to be our first regional visiting artists.

The Spudnik Press Cooperative Publishing Program invites artists representing a variety of contemporary disciplines—ranging from painting and drawing to performance and experiential art making—to develop a fine art print in collaboration with professional printers at Spudnik Press.

Together, these programs provide entry point into the unique facets of printmaking, such as its historical and cultural roots as a social art practice and its role in contemporary art practices.

The phrase Eternal Recurrence is borrowed from Steve Reinke’s print entitled Eternal Recurrence of Shame from his series featuring absurd, crude, humorous, and poetic aphorisms and short phrases. Reinke’s piece references a phenomenon Nietzsche calls “eternal recurrence” in a passage from The Gay Science. In the passage, Nietzsche asserts that existence may recur in an infinite cycle as energy and matter transform over time.

The artists included in this exhibition maintain a wide range of studio practices and experiential art making. Eternal Recurrence reflects the continual transformation of ink and paper to reflect artists’ visions and honors the act of creation as a continuous process responsive to a particular time and place–a particular recurrence of the infinite possibilities.

The work in Eternal Recurrence features screenprinting, relief, letterpress, intaglio, and monoprinting techniques, using a range of traditional and nontraditional materials and bringing together an impressive collection of artists. Each prints reflects the artist’s vision and dedication to their individual practices while showcasing the creative, analytical and technical processes of art making.

Image: Cerulean Blue Series #2, kg, 2017