Studio Access Training: Intaglio

Intaglio Skills Checklist

This authorization will cover the intaglio processes and skills that are most essential for printers to be able to make and print intaglio plates. The workshop will review a variety of techniques used by intaglio artists with a focus on personal safety, care and maintenance of tools and supplies, and best practices for working with intaglio printing at Spudnik Press Cooperative. This hands-on workshop will include discussions, demos, and hands-on projects that will allow staff to assess each participant’s experience level.

The workshop will include plate prep, grounds, etching with a vertical ferric chloride bath, setting up our presses, paper soaking, inking and printing plates, cleaning, and finally, flattening prints.

Participants must be independent with the full intaglio process, from plate prep to printing. However, we understand that each studio has different equipment and welcome people who have yet to use an airbrush or Akua hard ground for aquatint or a vertical bath for etching. While participants should not expect to make substantial progress on any project; they are welcome to bring a plate to work with or to seek feedback and guidance on.

*For those wishing to print photo plates, this workshop can provide authorization to use our press. The Nu-Arc Authorization should also be completed to address platemaking.