Print Exchanges

Print exchanges at Spudnik Press are member-driven opportunities to make and trade prints with other printmakers. All participants create a new print, traditionally responding to a theme and on a pre-determined size of paper, printing enough for each participant to receive one of each image. An additional two copies of each print are retained by Spudnik–one for the purpose of exhibiting and one to be permanently archived.

Spudnik Press Cooperative is able to sponsor and support about one print exchange per year by helping develop the theme and description, developing a timeline, promoting the exchange to Spudnik Press members, collecting any fees charged to cover expenses, and sharing our tools and experience to help the exchange run smoothly beginning to end.

Print Exchange Archive

Chicago: A Cross-Town Exchange, 2018
Temporal Tantrum, 2016
Ex Libris
, 2012
Temperature, 2010
Meat!, 2009
Tender Twenties, 2009

All print exchanges opportunities are listed on our Member Opportunities. Please direct any print exchange inquiries to