Our shared parking lot has one dedicated handicap parking space. If this space is unavailable or any additional assistance is needed, please call 312-563-0302.

Building Entrance

Use the call box to gain entry to our building. For any additional assistance with the main door, please call 312-563-0302. Just inside the entrance to our building, there is a short ramp installed over a single stair. Our studio is on the third floor, accessible by a large elevator. The main hallway will lead to the elevator and stairs.

Our Studio

The majority of our studio is wheelchair accessible. Many printing presses and other equipment that printmakers rely on have not been designed with accessibility in mind. In cases where our printing presses and equipment is not user-friendly to those with physical limitations, our staff is able to provide additional assistance as needed.


One single-user restroom is available in our studio. Two additional single-user restrooms are available on our floor.

Additional Accommodations

Upon request, Spudnik Press Cooperative will provide additional accommodations such as large-print materials and sign language interpretation. For additional accessibility questions, please contact Angee Lennard at or 312-563-0302.