Ashley Kukulski

I’m Ashley Kukulski, the founder and designer behind Evermore Paper Co. I started Evermore in 2013 as a way to express myself creatively and live more intentionally by doing something I was truly passionate about. My goal was to create something unexpected and my trials with paper led me to design products with unique cut out and layered elements. Since then, my collection has grown to include hand-painted and printed designs, but one thing that remains at the core is my love of texture and pattern. My work is constantly evolving and a reflection of my personal style, which is minimal, romantic, effortless and a bit edgy. I pour my heart and soul into each product with the hope that they will inspire others to spread their love and live their best lives.

I am a visual person who enjoys taking mental snapshots of the beauty around me. I am especially drawn to patterns and textures found in nature and urban environments and I love exploring different ways to translate my findings into simple, yet beautiful illustrations.

Most of my designs are created by hand with ink or paint in my home studio overlooking the Chicago skyline. The components are then digitalized and recolored in Illustrator. Each paper cut card is machine-cut and hand-assembled from my home studio and all printed pieces are produced locally. I make an extra effort to use recycled materials and work with local suppliers whenever possible.