Carolina Martinez

Carolina Martinez is an artist and graphic designer who works mainly on print media, illustration and book arts. She has worked in commercial print graphic design alongside more personal artistic projects.

Working mainly on acrylic paintings, she creates illustrations and sketches about both private and universal references of miniature worlds that reflect her everyday, scratching and adding layers in order to give expression to her own perceptions of what is real and what is fantasy.

Carolina Martinez (born in 1983) is from Bogota, Colombia.


Project Statement:

As a recent immigrant, I’ve been struggling to find a place that I can confidently call home. I moved to the United States over a year ago and have been deliberately processing my experience through the creative process. Over the last five months I’ve been exploring the idea of home through a series of acrylic paintings that use the metaphor of a soil sample as a way to illustrate a deeper understanding of the meaning of home. A soil sample is the term used in geology to describe a portion of the earth that is extracted and then studied to test the quality of the soil. I have created a series of illustrations of small universes that reflect places, cities and countries I have lived in. I want to translate all the visual language from the acrylic paintings into printed media, as a way to explore different colors, textures and narratives for that imagery, and collect them within a printed book that intends to answer the following questions: -What is home? -Where is home located? -What does home looks like? -Who do you share home with? -What is the difference between your past/present/future home?

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Community Workshop: Paste Papers (Plus Accordion Books!)

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