Carron Little

The transformation of our cities through cultural programming that engages the public directly is at the core of Carron Little’s practice as an artist and curator. She produces solo and ensemble interactive performances and public engagement projects for neighborhoods and cities. Little works from a Fluxus sense of poetics and stands firmly within the feminist legacy that the personal is political. Her research draws on ancient poetic traditions from the Alexandrian canon of poetry where coteries were formed to interpret lived experiences into poetry and performed for communities. This was also a practice in Celtic culture and dates back to early Gaelic Bardic systems where each municipality had its own poet that would transform local events into a poetic discourse. Working in these current times it is imperative to Little that we find processes to reintegrate thought, ideas, and morality back into public discourse. There is an urgent call in her work to reconsider what is at stake in quotidian forms of communication and how we can create agency in these narratives.

To Little, the process of engagement begins with individual interviews, that are transformed into poetry and composed in lyrical form. The poetry becomes a starting point for performance and a visual art practice. She seeks to give voice to the voiceless and create space for in-depth conversations. The work appears to be a spectacle at one moment and mindful contemplation the next, but at its core it’s intended to draw people in, to spark meaningful conversation about the complexity of what it means to be human.

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