Junli Song

As an aspiring artist and storyteller, I enjoy thinking about how to communicate with the page, both in terms of content and white space. I’m obsessed with screen printing, colour palettes, and beautiful paper, and I am most drawn to artwork that evokes emotion and feeling, with characters that have a strong sense of personality. As a lifelong bibliophile, I dream of creating beautiful books and telling stories through both words and images.



Project Statement:

Over the course of this fellowship, I would like to illustrate a myth I have written, which explains why we have night and day through a love story between the earth, sun, and moon. I have chosen this project because it is deeply connected with my artistic development. Over the course of my master’s, I have attempted to illustrate this twice: when I first began learning sequential image, and again when I started to learn screen printing. However, despite having worked extensively with it in the past, I have not yet succeeded in bringing it to life in the way that I envision. I want to revisit this body of work, and completely re-imagine it through screen print and/or lithography. Furthermore, through screen printing I have developed a visual language with which to express myself, and I now feel ready to tell my own stories. Specifically, I want to continue exploring the page as a medium, playing with white space in composition and design, as well as working more with text as a visual object, both in terms of its shape on the page and by experimenting with letterpress and its graphic qualities.

Products by this Artist: