Nadine Nakanishi

I was born in California, though the sun drenched weather was short lived. My family moved to Schaffhausen, a small town North of Zürich, bordering the Rhine river, where I spent my childhood listening to the sounds of the Midwest (Joan of Arc, Promised Ring, Braid, Captain Jazz, Elliott, Rodan, Black Flag, At the Drive-in, the Sea and Cake, to name a few). After high school, I studied Asian studies at the University of Zürich but soon realized that I wanted to major in the arts. A graphic design apprentice followed culminating with a degree in typography from the Berufsschule Zürich. In 2003, an internship at Punk Planet Magazine brought me to Chicago. I would end up not leaving the city of big shoulders. Since 2006, I run a studio called Sonnenzimmer, with Nick Butcher.