Vidisha Aggarwal


Services Offered:

  • Exhibition Opportunities
  • Printmaking Commissions


Project Statement:

I would like to use my time at the Spudnik Press Cooperative to reflect upon and bring to fruition the many ideas that I experimented with throughout my school career to create a polished body of works that I can eloquently talk about, exhibit and share with the world.

My practice thus far has included creating experiential, interactive installations at a human scale that transform and manipulate the space around them through participation and interaction. An exploration that started with the intention to challenge the traditional roles of artists and viewers has now transcended into exploring more nuanced and personal topics of belonging, authorship, and agency that we as occupants have within the spaces that surround us. While I was previously drawn to the simplicity that my dyed and printed fabric constructions processed within the myriad of colors, textures and opacities employed, they lack a more concise language of mark making and representational content that could drive the work further. I would like to use silkscreen printing, as an extension of the drawing process, to translate images onto the fabrics that I have previously dyed and heat-pressed to combine the drawing, painting, and printing skills I have learned over the years with the surface that I have come to enjoy the most.