SPC Print Club | Box #1

Our Print Club program is now available a la carte while supplies last!

This unique print collection showcases the many talented artists that are part of the Spudnik community. Each Print Box includes a selection of five prints created by Spudnik Press members including fine art, stationary, textiles, comics, artist books, and various other printed ephemera.

Funds raised through the Print Club directly fund the featured artists and help sustain Spudnik Press programs. Only 12 of each box are available! Full year subscriptions are available at any time for $299.

Box #1 Featured Members:

Abraham in Defiance2018
Jake Saunders 

Jake Saunders is a Chicago artist working in printmaking as well as drawing and painting. Hailing from Muncie, Indiana, Jake grew up with a love for a variety of narrative based art forms, which became his focus in his art practice. After becoming fascinated with the unique aesthetics of woodcuts and etchings and their aptitude for seriality and multiplicity, Jake earned a BFA and MA in printmaking from Ball State University and went on to earn his MFA at the University of Connecticut. He has since gone on to show nationally and internationally. Today, Jake’s work amalgamates narratives to explore the concept of tragedy in forms both grand and mundane.

“Intersectional” Pennant
Screenprint on felt

Vichcraft is the independent and collaborative, multi-disciplinary studio of Jenna Blazevich. 

With a focus on visual storytelling, she strives to craft charmingly unique brand experiences. Her agency experience has allowed for a portfolio ranging from small to large client projects. Vichcraft has a current focus on building small, meaningful brands, and partnering with their purpose-driven leaders to build an authentic visual identity.  

Let’s Hang Greeting Card
Hello Paper Co 

Hello Paper Co. is the design studio of Jill Ruzicka, specializing in letterpress greeting cards, stationery and wedding invitations. They create hand-made, environmentally friendly paper products without the stuffy attitude.  

Make Me Anew2018
Artist book with cyanotype and screenprint
Catherine Norcott 

Trained as a printmaker in Boston, MA, Catherine maintains an interest in producing artist books, fiber and print works.  She investigates a lifelong curiosity in human relationships through imagery that references scientific illustration, the human body, and maps.  She also enjoys the surprising and beautiful possibilities in incorporating found images and select textures in collage. Her most recent books explore grief and personal transformation in the rich blue of cyanotype.

Monoprint Screenprint
Randi Stella 

 As a photographer and printmaker, Randi is dedicated to exploring the perception of light in transitional spaces. Randi received her MFA in Photography from University of Illinois in 2015 and a BFA in Photography and Printmaking from Northern Illinois University in 2011.