SPC Print Club | 2017 Collection

This Print Club collection features 12 works from Spudnik member artists. Each artwork is designed and printed as a one-color letterpress print on archival 100% cotton paper. Each print fits into an affordable 8”x10” frame. Display your print in rotation, or create an attractive grid featuring all twelve prints. A purchase of the full set comes with a protective portfolio case to safely store the full year of prints.

Funds raised through the Print Club directly fund the featured artists and help sustain our day in day out programs at Spudnik Press.

Featured Artists:

Leila Abdelrazaq
Hannah Batsel
Jennifer Cronin
Carla Fischer Schwartz
Margaret Hitch
Erik Peterson
Angelika Piwowarczyk
Nicolette Ross
Jake Saunders
Veronica Siehl
Morgan Sims
Don Widmer