Bad Weather Person | Arnold Kemp

Medium: Ink on Stonehenge
Year: 2019
Edition size: Unique Print
Dimensions: 22″ x 30″
Inscriptions: Signature (verso)

About Arnold Kemp: Over the last decade, no material has been as powerfully symbolic for Kemp as aluminum foil. This domestic, yet industrial substance—reflective, yet burnished, crinkly, and endlessly impressionable—has become the artist’s truest metaphor for the psyche. Many of the objects that Kemp has created with foil have taken the form of “masks”—expanses of fractalized sheet foil with strangely shaped holes that resemble eyes and mouths. Their depths appear to collapse time and space, imbuing the works with an indescribable sense of traumatic duration. In the masks, Kemp also uses foil as a foil, to deflect menace, to fool and outsmart violence and predatory behavior, and to protect what is most critical, vulnerable, and precious: art, queer love, blackness, rage, justice. (excerpt from Wikipedia)