nnnn too? | Erin Hayden

Medium: Screenprint & Digital Print
Year: 2020
Edition size: 18
Dimensions: 20″ x 15.5″
Published Spudnik Press Cooperative
Inscriptions: Edition Number (left front), Signature (right front)

nnnn too is Erin Hayden’s first exploration in printmaking: a multi-media collage about the interconnectedness of living beings, ideas, and dreams. Working back and forth between screenprinting and digital imagery, Hayden used glossy and metallic inks for subtle effects that compliment the oceanic, textual, and playful content of the work. nnnn too lets us look into the artist’s mind where images emerge as a placeholder for thoughts, and the creative process is one of decoding or connecting seemingly disparate visuals using intuition and improvisation to place them in relationships. Most recently, her research has been inspired by the intelligence of orcas and dolphins, as well as heartbreaking numbers about their dwindling populations. Believing that we are all a support sustem of connecting living things, Hayden’s work creates an ecosystem for her oracs to live in, where stickers and cave drawings of mermaids exist alongside raw blocks of language. As her imagery coalesces in moments, and breaks apart in others, we are reminded of our own precarity on this planet and how much we don’t know about this world’s magic.

I had a vivid dream two orcas were circling me letting me know it is all rright. Inviting me to swim deeper under the water. Orcas have an ancient connection to the stars and in dreams often remind us that all the knowledge and wisdom we need is already within us. I’m following this impulse, stepping out of fear, pulling in, swimming freely from one silver sticker to the next. Going under trusting. An invitation for anyone who wants to join in.” – Erin Hayden

Erin Hayden is an interdisciplinary artist whose work has been shown and received critical acclaim across the US and abroad. She has held residencies at the Ragdale Foundation, Chicago Artist Coalition, and Luminarts Fellowship, and was a 2018 NewCity Breakout Artist. Hayden holds an MFA in Art Theory and Practice from Northwestern University, and currently lives and works in Chicago. In 2019 she was invited to publish her first fine art print at Spudnik Press.