Whole Inventory for Future Earth Survival | Sarah Hotchkiss

Medium: Screenprint & Relief
Year: 2016
Edition Size: 10

Dimensions: 18″ x 24″ 
Published Spudnik Press Cooperative

*Note: The Print does not have a prescribed orientation and may be hung vertically or horizontally.

Whole Inventory for Future Earth Survival was published by Spudnik Press in conjunction with the 2016 exhibition Rules, Tools, and Fools.

The print features silhouetted items promoted through the original Whole Earth Catalog, a counter-cultural touchstone that presaged many of today’s artistic and social modes of engagement. The exhibition that debuted this print served as a vehicle for artists to be provoked by and respond to the Whole Earth Catalog using a range of materials and conceptual strategies. Artists all have a relationship with themes embedded within the Catalog–alternative education, off-the-grid living, self-sufficiency, do-it-yourself culture, ecology, utopian ideals, communal action, holism, and access to tools.

“Rather than a nostalgic revisiting of a bygone era, the show offers poetic and practical solutions from our contemporary relationship to the Whole Earth’s problems.” – Curators, Jaclyn Jacunski and Jason Pallas

Sarah Hotchkiss is a San Francisco-based artist, arts writer, and sci-fi enthusiast. She co-runs the project space (@premiere_jr), a 6-by-12-foot billboard in the Inner Sunset.

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