SNGA | Ryan Travis Christian

Medium: Mezzotint
Year: 2019
Edition size: 20
Dimensions: 11″ x 14″
Inscriptions: Edition Number (left front), Signature (right front)

Ryan Travis Christian’s 1990s suburban Chicago upbringing offered up absurd experiences, which he uses as fuel for the surreal personal narratives in his pop-culture-influenced graphite drawings. Impacted by Chicago-style figuration, Christian focuses on the paradoxical relationship between childish cartoons and ominous messages, musing on the technological and material obsolescence of his inspiration.

SNGA is Christian’s first mezzotint and first edition published by Spudnik Press Cooperative. SNGA, short for “some new good artists” exposes the role of the male gaze this is often present if not rewarded in fine art. The characters depicted in this print are presumably art school students unabashedly presenting their final paintings.