Lou Mallozzi and Joseph Clayton Mills, Queen Sweep

Screenprint 18″ x 18″

Commissioned by Homeroom/Spudnik Press for Ten x Ten 2017 Dual Practices

The artists swept the floor of the ESS recording studio, empty save the grand piano. They used the collected dirt, combined with charcoal, graphite, and conte crayon, to make thirty-nine 18-inch square rubbings of the wood floor. Simultaneously, they recorded the process from close and distant perspectives. They rubbings were photographed, and the resulting images were layered into three 13-image groups in Photoshop, generating the final images for the three screens used in the printing. The recordings were edited and layered in a similar accumulative fashion to distill the movements, gestures, and textures of the original two-hour process into a single 13-minute piece.