Ten x Ten | 2012 Edition

Medium: Screenprints; Compact Disc
Year: 2012
Edition Size: 2oo
Dimensions: 10×10″

Ten x Ten is a collaboration between visual artists and musicians exploring visual and auditory interaction. By challenging artists to conceptualize their work across media, Ten x Ten asks participants stretch and expand their creative process. Through producing a limited edition compilation and public presentation of the resulting artworks, Ten x Ten documents, celebrates, and promotes Chicago’s artistic community.

Ten visual artists and ten recording artists were matched up and collaborated in pairs to produce a song/print on the theme “Found and Lost”. The 2012 edition, curated by Dan “Sully” Sullivan and Colin Palombi.

Featured print and song collaborations:

Brian Hofmeister with Defcee
Colin Palombi with Knife Gang
Jeremy Tinder with Add-2
Joe Tallarico with Phillip Morris
Justin Santora with Tomorrow Kings
Krista Franklin with Avery R. Young
Liz Born with Animate Objects
Lovercraft with Ugochi
Nate Beaty with Wes Restless
Revise with Luna Blues Machine

The collection of prints includes a CD with ten unique tracks, a hand-printed folio, and a plastic protective sleeve.

More details at tenxtenchicago.com