The Gig Poster Project

The Gig Poster Project is a multi-faceted arts program engaging students with their communities through music and design.

In 2012, we piloted The Gig Poster Project, our first in-school youth program, served 160 middle and high school students across three Chicago schools.

Phase One

Our team of teaching artists spent three full days at each of our partnering schools, working in a mix of art and math classes. Students were introduced to screen printing and basic design skills. They then implement these principles by creating their own poster concepts on bristol board with pen, ink, paint, and colored pencils. These presentations and projects all worked toward the goal of exposing students to a broad range of opportunities to use art to connect with their communities.

Phase Two

These in-school workshops culminated in a city-wide public exhibition at Harold Washington College. In Phase Two, Mucca Pazza, with assistance from the classroom teachers, awarded honorable mentions and a grand prize.

Phase Three

Eight students were invited to learn screenprinting in a professional printshop with Teaching Artist, Lou Medel. We provided these students, dedicated to art making, the opportunity to develop their own projects. The grand prize winner was commissioned to design and print a gig poster for Mucca Pazza.

The Students

We worked with the following schools:

Chicago Talent Development High School; 9th grade;  95% low income, 98% black, and 25% require special education

Farragut Career Academy; 10th-12th grade; 97% low income, 87% Hispanic, 19% require special education, and 20% are limited English learners

Perspective’s Math and Science Academy; 6th-10th grade; 86% low income, 93% black, and 17% require special education

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