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Contributory: MAPC Member Exhibition

April 6 – May 11, 2012

Opening Reception:
Friday, April 6, 6-9pm

1821 W. Hubbard, Suite 302
Chicago, IL 60622

A contribution furnishes something towards a result. “Contributory” is a juried show dissecting the parts that create the whole, the chain of events that leads to a result, good works that build communities, and the symbiotic nature of a contribution. “Contributory” reflects on what and how people, the natural world, and technology proffer with intention and purposefulness, or despite themselves.

Featured Artists:
Art Werger
Craig Fisher
Erik Waterkotte
Jayne Reid Jackson
Jennifer Manzella
Jeremy Lundquist
John-Mark Schlink
Jon Swindler
Karla Hackenmiller
Kim Fink
Melissa Haviland
Miriam Dubinsky
Nicholas Ruth
Nicole Geary
Randy Clark
Robert Howsare
Sage Perrott
Sara Schleicher
Thomas Nawrocki
Tom Lucas
Travis Janssen

Julia Vodrey Hendrickson is a visual artist, writer, print-enthusiast, and curator. She recently released a poetry/artist book called Grow No Moss, printed at Spudnik Press. Primarily based in Chicago where she is the gallery manager at Corbett vs. Dempsey, she is currently pursuing an M.A. in Art History at the Courtauld Institute of Art in London.

Images (above, clock-wise from left to right): Cathedral by John-Mark Schlink, Cars and Trucks: Inject by Jennifer L. Mazella, I Guess Not by Randy Clark.

Ten x Ten Exhibition at LivingRoom Gallery

Ten x Ten Exhibition

LivingRoom Gallery

Artist Reception: April 20, 6-9pm
1530 West Superior, Chicago, IL

Exhibition continues through June 2, 2012

Join Homeroom Chicago and Spudnik Press to celebrate the release of Ten x Ten.

Featuring work by:
Brian Hofmeister
Colin Palombi
Jeremy Tinder
Joe Tallarico
Justin Santora
Krista Franklin
Liz Born
Nate Beaty
Revise CMW

Ten x Ten is both a compilation and collaboration between Chicago bands and printmakers. The project strives to introduce artists and musicians that might not have otherwise crossed paths, and encourages the development of creative relationships between Chicago bands and printmakers that go beyond show posters. The final package consists of ten songs accompanied by ten corresponding prints that were developed exclusively for the project.