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Trialogues, Residency Exhibition by Polly Yates

Opening Reception Friday, October 5, 2012
7:00 – 10:00pm
Plaines Project
October 5 – October 19, 2012

In partnership with Spudnik Press, Polly Yates, the recent artist in residence at Spudnik, will have a solo show opening in early October.
Yates is a recent transplant to Chicago, coming from London, where she recently received her Fine Art MA at Central Saint Martins. Polly’s project explores themes of desire, abundance and fecundity. In the complexity of the processes inherent to her practice of fragmentation and collage, she references the Baroque, excessive ornamentation and the folding in of the outside

During her residency at Spudnik Press, Yates has been completing a series of large, screen print collages, plus an accompanying series of smaller works. Yates says, “I work in the exact opposite way to most print makers; instead of taking one image and making multiples, I take multiples and create one image. For the Spudnik Press residency, I have been working with processes of doing and redoing, doing and undoing – of showing and hiding. Taking photographed or found images I fragment, distort and weave them into one another to the point of abstraction. By limiting myself to certain techniques, colours and imagery, I am trying to gain as much difference with repetition as I can.”

Hubbard Street Loft Open Studios, The Annex Debut + New Work by Brandy Barker

Hubbard Street Loft Open Studios

Oct. 12, 2012

Building-Wide Celebration

Chicago Artist Month Featured Event
Hubbard Street Loft’s artists and art spaces will share their creative practices through exhibitions showcasing studio artists, demonstrations, refreshments, and music. 1821 Hubbard Street Lofts houses an array of Chicago’s best art-based businesses including Spudnik Press Cooperative, Platform Studios, Front Forty Press, The Post Family, Saverio Truglio, and more. By sharing what we do, we hope to better illuminate how we all work together to strengthen our community and the relationships we have with our neighbors.

Debut of The Annex

Chicago’s New Home for Underground Publishing
Spudnik’s newest addition, The Annex hosts a gallery and classroom, independent studios, and shared work space for writers, bookmakers, artists, students, and others. A reference library of small press and experimental book projects is under development.

I’ll Let You Go 1.5
New Work by Brandy Barker

Chicago Artist Month Featured Artist
Working primarily in letterpress and relief, Brandy explores the psychology behind manipulative communication. Role reversals and disorientation are two reoccurring themes in her print work, blurring the lines of recognizable letterforms and “new symbols” of communication.

Plus Ex Libris is on view in The Printshop

Ex Libris: Portfolio Exchange

Ex libris

Member Print Exchange
In collaboration with Atlanta Printmakers Studio

Opening Reception:
Friday, October 12, 2012
7:00 – 10:00pm

Spudnik Press Cooperative
October 12 – November 16, 2012

Spudnik Press is proud to announce an exhibition in conjunction with Atlanta Printmakers Studio. Additionally, Ex Libris is part of the Seventh Annual Chicago Calling Arts Festival.

Bookplates were originally designed as small decorative labels pasted inside a book’s cover to indicate ownership. A long line of artists have been inspired and commissioned to design these miniature prints including Albrecht Durer, Hans Holbein, Aubrey Beardsley, Eric Gill, and Rockwell Kent to name a few. In the 19th century there was strong interest in ex libris collecting and society’s were formed to promote and commission bookplates from prominent artists.

Bookplates served as evidence of prestige and status as well as important documentation of the provenance of books. The images often related to the interests, career and accomplishments of the book’s owner, a play on the person’s name, and ancient myths or fables.

As Spudnik Press gears up to expand book and writing programming, and Atlanta Printmakers Studio present Print Big!, an event focused on books, reading, and literature, members of both studios have created new work that alludes to the rich correlation between the worlds of art, writing, and reading.

Participating Artists: Peery Angelika, Brandy Barker, Pam Beagle-Daresta, Douglas Bosley, Justin Crampton, Mariana Depetris, Jan DiPietro, Terri Dilling, Andrea Emmons, Kathy Garrou, Chelsea Glankler, Nancy Goldberg, Pedro A. Gonzalez, Gaige Graf, Jerushia Graham, Sarazen Haile, Eric Von Haynes, Jennifer High, Clay McGlamory, Madison Kenney, Alan Larkin, Angee Lennard, Heidi Lingamfelter, Holly Meyers, Marjorie Moran, Eric Neubauer, Nessie Rago, Brian Randall, Laura Reese, Margaret Reneke, Gina Reynoso, Cassidy Russell, Bonnie Samuel, Debrah Santini, David Short, Stephanie Smith, Deborah Sosower, Eva Svitek, Gena Spivey Vanderkloot, Joe Tsambiras, Joanne Vena, Marie Weaver, Erin Whatley, Daryl White, Monica Wiesblott, Judy Winograd

Hot Off the Press: Recent work from our Lithography Department

New Work by our Student and Teaching Artists

May 21, 2012 – June 29, 2012
Spudnik Press Cooperative
Mon & Thu 6:30 – 11pm
Fri & Sat 12:30-5pm
Or by appointment

Lithography, simply explained, is a printing process that capitalizes on oil and water’s natural inclination to repel each other. Since 1796, Lithography has evolved from a process using grained limestones and leather rollers to high volume, multi-color presses. Spudnik Press has unique facilities, allowing artists are utilizing this medium for all it is worth. Traditional lithography captures nuanced mark-making, and is a terribly expressive medium. Offset Lithography excels at self-published zines and chapbooks, and has wide aesthetic possibilities.

Recent work from our Lithography Department showcases the work that has been produced at Spudnik Press since we added Offset Printing to our repertoire. This show sheds light on how contemporary commercial printing methods grew from traditional lithography – that they are not too dissimilar at all!

Featured Artists:
Brandy Barker, Kelsey Donahue, Caitlyn Eakins, Edie Fake, Sarazen Haile, Angee Lennard, Morgan Sims, Aaron Smith, and others!


Contributory: MAPC Member Exhibition

April 6 – May 11, 2012

Opening Reception:
Friday, April 6, 6-9pm

1821 W. Hubbard, Suite 302
Chicago, IL 60622

A contribution furnishes something towards a result. “Contributory” is a juried show dissecting the parts that create the whole, the chain of events that leads to a result, good works that build communities, and the symbiotic nature of a contribution. “Contributory” reflects on what and how people, the natural world, and technology proffer with intention and purposefulness, or despite themselves.

Featured Artists:
Art Werger
Craig Fisher
Erik Waterkotte
Jayne Reid Jackson
Jennifer Manzella
Jeremy Lundquist
John-Mark Schlink
Jon Swindler
Karla Hackenmiller
Kim Fink
Melissa Haviland
Miriam Dubinsky
Nicholas Ruth
Nicole Geary
Randy Clark
Robert Howsare
Sage Perrott
Sara Schleicher
Thomas Nawrocki
Tom Lucas
Travis Janssen

Julia Vodrey Hendrickson is a visual artist, writer, print-enthusiast, and curator. She recently released a poetry/artist book called Grow No Moss, printed at Spudnik Press. Primarily based in Chicago where she is the gallery manager at Corbett vs. Dempsey, she is currently pursuing an M.A. in Art History at the Courtauld Institute of Art in London.

Images (above, clock-wise from left to right): Cathedral by John-Mark Schlink, Cars and Trucks: Inject by Jennifer L. Mazella, I Guess Not by Randy Clark.

Ten x Ten Exhibition at LivingRoom Gallery

Ten x Ten Exhibition

LivingRoom Gallery

Artist Reception: April 20, 6-9pm
1530 West Superior, Chicago, IL

Exhibition continues through June 2, 2012

Join Homeroom Chicago and Spudnik Press to celebrate the release of Ten x Ten.

Featuring work by:
Brian Hofmeister
Colin Palombi
Jeremy Tinder
Joe Tallarico
Justin Santora
Krista Franklin
Liz Born
Nate Beaty
Revise CMW

Ten x Ten is both a compilation and collaboration between Chicago bands and printmakers. The project strives to introduce artists and musicians that might not have otherwise crossed paths, and encourages the development of creative relationships between Chicago bands and printmakers that go beyond show posters. The final package consists of ten songs accompanied by ten corresponding prints that were developed exclusively for the project.