Studio Access Training: Nu-Arc Platemaker

Nu-Arc Skills Checklist

This authorization will cover the basics of operating the Nu-Arc Platemaker for a variety of printmaking purposes such letterpress polymer plates, cyanotypes, and photo intaglio plates. We will review our guidelines for setting the exposure time, initiating a strong vacuum, safely releasing the vacuum, and using krene film to increase the quality of the contact between the film and the plate. We will also address how to politely share the darkroom with screen printers, plate and film resale, and tools available for check-out.

In addition to reviewing the functions of the exposure unit, we will review the basics of a variety of processes that rely on the machine (cyanotypes, photo intaglio, and/or letterpress polymer plates). Skills to be reviewed, based on the interests of those attending the workshop, include coating paper with cyanotype chemicals, printing inkjet film negatives and positives, pre-exposing plates, using aquatint screens, and washing out exposed plates.