Jessica Christy

Jessica Christy is a printmaker, designer, and North Dakota native living in the Chicago area.  She received her MFA from the University of North Dakota in 2011 and has since created works that challenge the status quo of human activity and the resulting impacts.  Heavily influenced by her upbringing in the Dakota culture, Christy often weaves the Native experience into her pieces.  Her work has shown both nationally and internationally, most recently at the Urban Institute for Contemporary Art in Grand Rapids, Michigan.


Classes by this Artist:

Screenprinting Explorations (May 2017)
Screenprinting Explorations (Sept 2017 – Saturday AM)
Screenprinting Explorations
Monotypes & Collographs
Screenprinting Explorations (Friday Morning, September)
Printmaking Foundations (October)
Etching & Intaglio Printmaking (January)
Printmaking Foundations (February)
Screenprinting Refresher (February)
Monotypes & Collographs (March)
Printmaking Foundations (April)
Screenprinting Refresher (June)
Screenprinting Explorations (May)

Willa Goettling

Willa Goettling is a visual artist, writer, and budding educator based out of Chicago. Her work often combines text and visuals; manifesting as artists’ books, immersive installations, and experimental video. Through art, Goettling makes investigations into corporeality, ecology, and the biological & social impacts of capitalism. Her work has largely been motivated by a desire to feel more connected to, and in-control of her body—what it absorbs through the environment and how it’s treated by society as someone who’s woman-identifying.

Services Offered:

  • Exhibition Opportunities
  • Printmaking Commissions


Angee Lennard

Founder & Director

In the ten years since Angee Lennard founded Spudnik Press Cooperative, Chicago’s nonprofit community-based printmaking studio, the organization has evolved from an experimental work/live space to a multi-facetted organization unique in its dedication to providing approachable access to fine art printmaking to anyone who wishes to be creative through print. Under her leadership, Spudnik Press Cooperative provides pathways for individuals to grow their artistic practice over time and at their own pace through studio access, residencies, fellowships, classes, exhibitions, collaborative projects and public programs.

Angee Lennard is also a devoted educator whose teaching experience ranges from arts administration to illustration. As a lecturer at SAIC in the Arts Administration and Policy department, Lennard is able to share her perspective on the parallels between art making and arts administration and inspire students to find enjoyment in administrative roles. At Marwen, Lennard leads high school students through illustration, design, and printmaking projects. Her teaching at Spudnik Press Cooperative focuses on the technical elements of printmaking. She earned a Bachelors of Fine Arts with an emphasis in Printmedia from SAIC in 2005.


Photo by Jamie Davis.


Classes by this Artist:

Intro to Printmaking
Stop Motion Animation
Printmaking Survey: Monoprinting, Etching, Letterpress
Screenprinting Refresher
Screenprinting Refresher
Printmaking Foundations: Relief, Etching, Screen
Screenprinting 201: Color Theory for Screenprinters
Etching & Intaglio Printmaking
Screenprinting Refresher
Screenprinting Refresher (Sep 2016)
Etching & Intaglio Refresher
Printmaking Foundations
Screenprinting Refresher
Color Theory for Screenprinters
Printmaking Foundations
Screenprinting Refresher (July 2017)
Screenprinting Refresher (Oct 2017)
Pre-Press Workshop: File Prep for Stress Free Printing
Screenprinting Refresher
Screenprinting 201: Color for Screenprinters
Screenprinting Refresher
Pre-Press Workshop: File Prep for Stress Free Printing
Pre-Press Workshop: File Prep for Stress Free Printing (January)

Products by this Artist:

Susannah Papish

Program Director

Susannah Papish is a Chicago-based artist and is currently Program Director at Spudnik Press Cooperative. She attended The School of the Art Institute of Chicago graduating with a MFA in Painting and Drawing and the University of Illinois, BA in Art History.  Solo and two-person exhibitions include slow Joan Goldin + Susannah Papish, Chicago, IL, Susannah Papish:  Big Love, The Beverly Arts Center.  Representation through the former Skestos Gabriele Gallery, Chicago IL. Her work has also been exhibited in exhibitions at slow, [prak sis], Gallery 400 at UIC with The Alliance of Pentaphilic Curators, Everybody Paints, Sexier, Paul WHO?, Paul is NOT Gay, and Sexier at Zhou B. Arts Center, curated by Larry Lee. Recipient of an Individual Artist Grant, Illinois Arts Council, 2012, Community Arts Assistance Program grants 2005-2007, and finalist, Beverly Library, Public Art Commission, 2009. Recent projects have included guest curating at the Beverly Arts Center:  Larry Lee:  The Reports of my Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated, June 2016 and Accretion:  the Works of Noelle Allen, Ann Chen and Ana Zanic, April, 2015.  She served as public art curator for the Beverly Area Arts Alliance in 2015, selecting works for the Beverly Art Walk which included Claire Ashley’s Disco Dozen, Jennifer Reeder’s Feminist Parking Lot and Carron Little’s Neighborhood Magic.  An essay entitled “Neighborhood Magic” was published by Sixty Inches From Center. In June, 2017 Susannah and Larry Lee co-founded boundary, a contemporary project space in the Morgan Park neighborhood where she has resided since 2000.  Susannah was a recipient of the 3Arts Make a Wave award in 2017. Susannah is also a contributor to The Visualist, a Chicago Visual Arts Calendar.