Jessica Eanes

Development Lead

Jessica Eanes is a Chicago-based writer and content editor. With a career background that ranges from IT Project Management to Fiction podcasting, she comes to Spudnik Press as Development Lead. Her fiction work ranges from alternate history interactive novels about Gilded Age railroad management to short stories that cast aspersions on panda bears. Her non-fiction work ranges from live coverage of public meetings to analyses of linguistic tropes across genre fiction. She is president and a founder of Dream Foundry, an arts non-profit dedicated to supporting creatives working in all media as they launch professional careers in the speculative arts.

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Fun Fact: Jessica’s pet lovebird, Allium, is named after a family of plants toxic to lovebirds.


Angee Lennard

Founder & Director

In the ten years since Angee Lennard founded Spudnik Press Cooperative, Chicago’s nonprofit community-based printmaking studio, the organization has evolved from an experimental work/live space to a multi-facetted organization unique in its dedication to providing approachable access to fine art printmaking to anyone who wishes to be creative through print. Under her leadership, Spudnik Press Cooperative provides pathways for individuals to grow their artistic practice over time and at their own pace through studio access, residencies, fellowships, classes, exhibitions, collaborative projects and public programs.

Angee Lennard is also a devoted educator whose teaching experience ranges from arts administration to illustration. As a lecturer at SAIC in the Arts Administration and Policy department, Lennard is able to share her perspective on the parallels between art making and arts administration and inspire students to find enjoyment in administrative roles. At Marwen, Lennard leads high school students through illustration, design, and printmaking projects. Her teaching at Spudnik Press Cooperative focuses on the technical elements of printmaking. She earned a Bachelors of Fine Arts with an emphasis in Printmedia from SAIC in 2005.

Fun Facts: Angee owns chickens!


Teaching Bio

Angee Lennard is the founder & director of Spudnik Press. Through her ongoing work publishing print editions for artists with disparate art practices, Angee has developed technical expertise and a focus on consistency, efficiency, logistics, and editioning. She is excited to find ways to push print processes beyond the go-to aesthetics and materials.

Favorite Process: Intaglio

Areas of Expertise:

  • Production case binding
  • Digital file preparation
  • Registration

Possible Processes:

  • Intaglio
  • Photo Intaglio
  • Airbrush aquatinting
  • Letterpress
  • Screenprinting
  • Bookbinding

Photo by Jamie Davis.

Classes by this Artist:

Intro to Printmaking
Stop Motion Animation
Printmaking Survey: Monoprinting, Etching, Letterpress
Screenprinting Refresher
Screenprinting Refresher
Printmaking Foundations: Relief, Etching, Screen
Screenprinting 201: Color Theory for Screenprinters
Etching & Intaglio Printmaking
Screenprinting Refresher
Screenprinting Refresher (Sep 2016)
Etching & Intaglio Refresher
Printmaking Foundations
Screenprinting Refresher
Color Theory for Screenprinters
Printmaking Foundations
Screenprinting Refresher (July 2017)
Screenprinting Refresher (Oct 2017)
Pre-Press Workshop: File Prep for Stress Free Printing
Screenprinting Refresher
Screenprinting 201: Color for Screenprinters
Screenprinting Refresher
Pre-Press Workshop: File Prep for Stress Free Printing
Pre-Press Workshop: File Prep for Stress Free Printing (January)
Private Lessons: Gap Lessons

Products by this Artist:

Yang Pulongbarit-Cuevo

Marketing Lead

Yang Pulongbarit-Cuevo is a Chicago-based papercut artist and illustrator mainly inspired by nature, music, anatomy, and folklores. Yang started as a political cartoonist for The Manila Collegian, the official student publication of the University of the Philippines in Manila, where she received her bachelor’s degree in Organizational Communication. She eventually earned her master’s degree in Development Communication from the same university, while accumulating about 8 years of combined work experience in marketing and business development. Studying and working in the field of communication complements her art practice, as she allows her work to impart messages in imaginative and symbolic ways. Yang also hosts a weekly radio show and writes newsletters for the Chicago Independent Radio Project – another local non-profit organization.

Fun Fact: Her life is pretty much recorded in a bunch of Excel spreadsheets and Trello boards.


Websites: |


Breanna Robinson

Studio Coordinator

Breanna is an interdisciplinary artist who lives and works in Chicago. She studied at the School of the Art institute of Chicago, where she earned a BFA in 2017. Her work manifests mainly through printmedia, although she often utilizes collage, painting, html, and object-making.