Amira Hegazy

Board of Directors

Amira Hegazy creates prints, drawings, collages, animations, and interactive experiences that manipulate popular and recognizable forms of image-making to produce art that addresses political and social issues in visually comfortable ways. She currently lives in Chicago, Illinois though she is a native of Detroit, Michigan where she grew up between traditional American and Egyptian cultures. Amira’s experiences with racial and gender-based discrimination inform her work and motivate her activism. 

Amira is an MFA candidate in Printmedia at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She graduated from Washington and Lee University in 2015 with a BA in Studio Art and Sociology and honors in International Immersion. Social science and research continue to be an important part of her artistic practice. Amira works as an artist, letterpress printer, educator, and book restoration technician. She has exhibited her work at the International Print Center of New York, The William King Museum of Art and other international venues. 

Amira is the proprietor of Statement Letterpress + Design where she creates custom prints, books, stationary and editions.

Services Offered:

  • Exhibition Opportunities
  • Printmaking Commissions


Classes by this Artist:

Bookbinding Workshop: Simple Self-Publishing (June)
Bookbinding Workshop: Secret Belgian Binding (July)
Bookbinding Explorations
Bookbinding: No-Sew Books
Bookbinding: Hardcover Case Binding
Bookbinding Workshop: Simple Self-Publishing (08/18/2021)
Bookbinding Workshop: No-Sew Books (8/22/21)
DIY Cards: Letterpress
Bookbinding Workshop: Simple Self-Publishing
From Pen to Paper: Putting Your Writing Into the World
Letterpress: Wood & Metal Type
Bookbinding Foundations

Dutes Miller

Board of Directors, Vice President

Dutes Miller’s collages, artists books and phallic sculptures examine the spaces where the artist’s inner life, queer subcultures and mass media intersect. Miller appropriates images from pornographic websites, magazines and his own imaginings to investigate alternative standards of beauty, visualizations of lust and desire found on the internet, and power dynamics in sexual relationships. Michelle Grabner wrote in ArtForum, “Miller’s mixed-media collages on paper incorporating penis figures striking silly states of repose and activity are enjoyable vignettes, demonstrating nimble material interplay.”

Miller’s work is driven by an investigation of queer male sexuality through a tactile exploration of materials, most often plaster, resin and paint and also including fabric, feathers, horns and other found objects. From a conceptual standpoint, he is interested in the notion of an object that is penetrable (orifice) versus one which penetrates (phallus). Appearing to be in states of transition, his sculptures attempt to find the potential conflation of the two.

Services Offered:

  • Printmaking Commissions


Residency Period:

Sep 2008–Nov 2008

Project Statement:

Dutes Miller and Stan Shellabarger’s first collaborative show occurred at Western Exhibitions in the Spring of 2007 and was reviewed in TimeOut Chicago and the Chicago Sun-Times. The Chicago-based couple has been creating collaborative works since they starting dating years ago, this work creates a distinct body of work separate from their individual studio practices. Miller’s personal work is often paintings or collages with themes of hardcore gay, hyper masculine, body-centric images, rather than focusing on partnerships and domestic.

Classes by this Artist:

Introduction to Paper Marbling
Paper Marbling Workshop
Decorative Paper: Suminagashi, Paste Papers, & Paper Marbling
Techniques in Monoprinting
Monotype Printmaking
Paper Marbling
Monotype Printmaking (3/22/22)

Products by this Artist:

Chris Perzan

Board of Directors

VP Environment & Sustainability, Chief Environmental Counsel, Navistar, Inc.