Atlan Arceo-Witzl

Past Fellow

Atlan Arceo-Witzl is a Mexican-American visual artist and creator whose work is concerned with everyday rituals, icons, symbols, objects, and language. In his artistic practice, the cultural production of print ephemera, craft of the sign-painting industry, redefining “American” through a Latinx lens, and documenting/ recording of events across multiple mediums/ languages are current points of focus.  He is a graduate of Skidmore College with a Bachelors of Science in Studio Art with a concentration in relief printmaking and sculpture. He lives in Chicagoland, IL pursuing a career in the arts and education while enjoying the fascinating human game of communication.

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Services Offered:

  • Exhibition Opportunities
  • Graphic Design
  • Illustration
  • Printmaking Commissions


Project Statement:

While studying printmaking in my undergraduate program at Skidmore College, I found an interest in ritualistic repetition of form, communication through symbols, and collaboration between mediums. My heritage has played an important role in influencing the imagery of my work, drawing from Mesoamerican culture through to kitschy American print ephemera. There is a peculiar duality between things concrete and disposable, ancient and contemporary. The visual effect of a print changes depending on its context and the way it is utilized. Some display words and images to advertise or bring attention to an idea. Some adorn a blank space, adding richness to the foundation layer. Others are the couriers, the mortar between human communications. At Spudnik, I am interested in producing a cohesive body of work. I hope to experiment with printing on various substrates and combining different printing processes including letterpress, screen printing, woodcut relief, and risograph. Through this series, I seek to further explore the dynamic possibilities in communicating through symbols.