Chris Flynn

Chris Flynn is an artist, printmaker and drummer from Chicago who earned his MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts from Columbia College Chicago in 2017. Since earning his BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 1999, Flynn has been the Master Printer for Anchor Graphics, collaborating with an extensive range of artists and teaching printmaking to students of all ages and experience.


Chris Flynn’s current art practice builds on an open body of work entitled The Antigravity Puppet Project, which integrates sculptural papermaking and print media with percussion music and sound art. The Puppet is a self-portrait as a human-scale marionette, while The Antigravity Project is its dissection by image and sound. The figure, its fragmented image and its internal soundscape are played beside each other in translation games between graphic and musical forms, telling the allegory of the puppet through percussive sound composition, photogravures, visual scores and data glitches.


Classes by this Artist:

Photopolymer Intaglio
Photopolymer Intaglio (May)