Hope Wang

Hope Wang is a Chicago-based artist working in painting, print, photography, and weaving. In her work, she examines how the dissonance of representation of architecture and its illusion gesture toward displacement in the same way bodies wander through and occupy space. She received her BFA (2018) from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and has shown in group exhibitions including Chicago Art Department, Gallery No One, Womanmade Gallery, Sullivan Galleries, and LVL3 Gallery.

Recent Shows:

Where We Meet is a group exhibition featuring Hope Wang, Sydnie Jimenez and Frederique Jean who will explore the expansion of craft and sculpture through themes of abstraction, representation and materiality. The show is meant to disrupt space to investigate what does it mean to enter space, or interacts with one another in spaces? How does art interact with culture and memory? How do we understand the spaces between these interactions? What happens when space and people meet? Can agency exist within art that centers marginalized narratives, their perception of the world, and themselves?

Friend is an interdisciplinary artist-run space that exists to provide affordable studio space and to remove barriers to accessing art programming. Where We Meet is their inaugural exhibition. The show will be up through September 22, 2019.

Images: Detail of face prostrate, temples kissing the baked facade by Hope Wang; Detail of a bloated sky flickers like the lazy fan by Hope Wang; Installation photograph of the exhibition

Ignition Project Space’s window gallery features throwing a short glance in the sliver between the glass barred against the warm air, a series of hand-woven illusions by Hope Wang. She draws from imagery surrounding store fronts that have a provisional quality – whether from business turnover, rental transition, or construction. These weavings depict reflections of pedestrians and shuttered spaces, suggested through motifs like blue tape, brown paper, plastic sheets, and spray painted plywood that bar the viewer’s access to the realities that exist beyond the surface. Traversing the line between image and object, the works question an initial understanding of material and perception.

Image: throwing a short glance in the sliver between the glass barred against the warm air by Hope Wang

Services Offered:

  • Exhibition Opportunities
  • Printmaking Commissions



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