Orr Gidon

Orr Gidon currently resides in Chicago as a freelance artist, designer, and fabricator. Gidon earned their BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago where they studied Printmedia and 3D Design & Fabrication. In their 2D work, Gidon is stimulated by pattern, repetition of line and shape to create visual movements and optical illusions inspired by patterns of human behavior. Within their 3D practice, Gidon explores concepts of change and movement through processes of material manipulation, particularly using wood and metal.

Their design work emphasizes principles of ergonomics, multi-functionality, and sustainability with a sculptural approach. Part of their time is spent working with steel at Manifold, a metal furniture fabrication studio.

Classes by this Artist:

Screenprinting 201: Textiles
Relief Printing & Repeat Patterns (June 2017)
Screenprinting on Textiles (March)