Screenprinting 201: Textiles

Expand your screenprinting know-how with this concentrated class focused on fabric printing. Week one will include an overview of the full process, including crucial tips for selecting, coating, exposing and printing screens best suited for fabric printing.

In the following weeks, students will have the opportunity to:

–       Practice making a variety of repeat patterns using handmade stencils or Adobe software.
–       Experiment with tiling layers to build larger compositions.
–       Measure and plan for printing yardage.
–       Mix ink and consider color and pattern relationships
–       Print on padded tables without hinges.
–       Use padded table printing yardage or wall-sized hangings.
–       Explore how different materials and types of fabric absorb ink and pigment.

Through completing a variety of small starter projects, students will have developed the skills they need to embark on comprehensive projects ranging from producing yards of fabric for sewing projects to printed canvases for 2-d or 3-d art projects. By capping the class to 4 to 8 students, everyone will have plenty of individual technical support for whatever their ultimate printing goals are.

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