Studio Access Training: Relief & Monoprint

Relief & Monoprint Skills Checklist

This authorization will cover both relief and monoprinting with a focus on press safety. While these are two unique mediums, they share the same presses and typically the same inks and cleaning processes.

Within relief printmaking, this session will address the basics of block carving with a focus on the tools and resources available at Spudnik Press and how various carving styles or approaches might affect the printing process. While printing with a press will be reviewed in detail, printing by hand will be addressed on request.

Within monoprinting, this session will address using plexiglass as a matrix, working with water- and oil-based pigments, and mark-making and stencil-making tools on site.

Moving to the printing process, this session will address setting pressure, blanket care, registration methods, paper selection, working with wet paper (water baths and damp packs), and drying/flattening prints. Regarding ink, this session with review modifiers, ink care, and cleaning expectations.

As with all our Studio Access Trainings, we will also cover equipment available to check out and press reservation policies.