SPC Print Club | Box #4

Our Print Club program is now available a la carte while supplies last!

This unique print collection showcases the many talented artists that are part of the Spudnik community. Each Print Box includes a selection of five prints created by Spudnik Press members including fine art, stationary, textiles, comics, artist books, and various other printed ephemera.

Funds raised through the Print Club directly fund the featured artists and help sustain Spudnik Press programs. Only 12 of each box are available! Full year subscriptions are available at any time for $299.

Box #4 Featured Members:

Wonder Woman Coozie, 2019
Tara Zanzig

Tara Zanzig is a Chicago based artist working primarily in mixed screen printed media. Her work seeks meaning in a commercially driven society through portraiture. Tara received her BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2001. Since, she’s produced print based work from various Chicago studios. With a focus on street art from 2013-2017, Tara is responsible for many public works including a mural on Wabash Arts Corridor in Chicago and numerous unsanctioned pieces. Her work has appeared at the Rockford Art Museum and The Newberry Library in Chicago. Solo exhibitions in 2018 include Riverside Arts Center and Young Chicago Authors.

Ten x Ten, 2017 Edition
Cassette & Booklet
Published by Spudnik Press Cooperative, Homeroom Chicago, and ESS

The fifth and most conceptually broad iteration of the project, Ten x Ten 2017: Dual Practices brought together 10 notable Chicago artists who have robust practices in both visual art and music. By considering questions about boundaries and location, Ten x Ten 2017 investigated Chicago neighborhood identities, urban change, and comfort in space and place. Five artist pairs collaborated over several months to each create a two-part work that includes a song or audio piece and an 18″ x 18″ screen print.

Ten x Ten 2017: Dual Practices collection features sonic works by each artist pairing as well as a fold out booklet with their coinciding prints and artistic statements.

Featured artists pairs are:
Melina Ausikaitis / Abrosia Bartošekulva
Mark Booth / Diedre Huckabay
Cathy Hsiao / Damon Locks
Lou Mallozzi / Joseph Clayton Mills
Allen Moore / Sadie Woods

Untitled, 2018
Junli Song

Junli Song is an artist and storyteller with a rather unusual background, having previously studied economics and international development at the University of Chicago and then the University of Oxford, respectively. However, her love of art and books soon led her back to the creative path, and she completed the MA in Children’s Book Illustration at the Cambridge School of Art in 2018.

During the course of her master’s programme, Junli was introduced to printmaking and she soon developed an obsession with screen print, colour palettes, patterns, and beautiful paper. Following her completion of the MA, Junli continued to pursue her love of screen printing through a fellowship at Spudnik Press, a printmaking collective in her hometown of Chicago. She is currently exploring storytelling in many guises, including traditional illustration, alternative book forms, and fine art prints.

Colleen Hardison

Colleen Hardison is a freelance illustrator with a passion for all things weird and lovably peculiar. She lives in Chicago with two cats named after old-timey baseball players. Colleen graduated from Massachusetts College of Art & Design with a BFA in illustration. When she’s not drawing or making a mess, she likes to bake pastries or find people that know what they’re doing in the kitchen (specifically with regard to baking pastries; she likes pastries; she really likes pastries).