Head Heaps | Paul Nudd & Onsmith

Medium: Screenprinted suites of 10 prints
Year: 2009
Edition Size:
Dimensions: 9.5” x 4.5″

During Paul Nudd and Onsmith’s residency at Spudnik Press, they created three separate suites of prints that meld these two artists’ signature styles into a cartoonish netherworld of darkly comic doom.

Lee Ann Norman from Art Talk Chicago writes, “Through their “exquisite corpse” like creative process, Paul and Jeremy found a way for their very different drawing styles to complement each other. Paul’s organically flowing shapes freed up Jeremy’s precise renderings, while Jeremy’s precision encouraged Paul to make more defined shapes, creating images elegantly grotesque, ridiculously divine, and humorous to boot.”

Head Heaps is a suite of quadruple-stacked heads that form a menacing totem pole. The suite is printed on dark brown and grey paper with yet darker ink. It comes packaged in a belly-band, also designed and printed by Nudd and Onsmith. Paul Nudd is represented by Western Exhibitions.