Paul Nudd

Paul Nudd was born in Harpenden, England in 1976. He graduated in 2001 with an MFA from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Recent exhibitions include: Jack the Pelican Presents, Brooklyn, Western Exhibitions, Chicago and the Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago.


Residency Period:

Mar 2009–May 2009

Project Statement:

Paul Nudd and Onsmith are a collaborative printing team. Nudd and Onsmith each have developed individual styles of illustration that are engaging in their own right. When the two join forces, a dialog is created between the opposing styles and imagery, and the art takes a turn towards the witty, surprising, and refreshing. It is clear that the two artists are being pushed an pulled in ways that can only strengthen their own artistic abilities. During their residency, three separate suites of prints melded these two artists’ signature styles into a cartoonish netherworld of darkly comic doom. These prints resulted in mushy quadruple-stacked heads that form menacing totem poles.

Products by this Artist: