THAT ALLOW THE LOWEST LAYER THROUGH | Mark Booth and Deidre Huckabay

Medium: Screenprint
Year: 2018
Edition Size: 20
Dimensions: 18″ x 18″
Inscriptions: Signature, Edition Number

Commissioned by Homeroom/Spudnik Press for Ten x Ten 2017 Dual Practices

In THAT ALLOW THE LOWEST LAYER THROUGH, the flute is an ear for listening, an eye for seeing, or a mouth for speaking with an other voice. Huckabay and Booth explore the flute as a resonant chamber, or “room”, that modulates sound and light. In their collaborative composition, the flute is prepared with an internal loudspeaker, wired to a computer. The signal is muted, filtered, modified, and controlled by the flute’s various possible openings. The screenprint is adapted from a photograph created by inserting a roll of 35mm color film into the bass flute and exposing it to light by opening and closing the keys.