Apprenticeship Program


Our Printing Apprenticeship Program began in 2013. This apprenticeship was developed to expand the educational value of our publishing program through providing mentorship opportunities for emerging Chicago artists.

Past Apprentices:

Raychel Steinbach Lauen | Current Location Press | Current Location Press
Walker Kampf-Lassin
Ashlee Mays
Alex Gilbert


This apprenticeship is a ten-month position that combines professional experience working with clients through our Publishing Program with entrepreneurial guidance. Artists apply with a substantial personal project they would like to work on throughout the apprenticeship. Over the course of the year, the apprentice will work with an advisor to develop their project, which could be along the line of establishing their own business, developing a line of products, coordinating a collaborative project, or developing their professional art practice.

Through monthly meetings, Spudnik Press staff provides structure and dedicated time for the apprentice’s personal project. The apprentice will wor to create and execute a project plan, including but not limited to developing a mission and a brand, creating a budget, launching a website, or developing a cohesive portfolio.

Enriching the experiences, apprentices are hired to work at Spudnik one day a week. While working for Spudnik Press, apprentices will assist with in-house and commissioned publishing projects. Over the course of the year, apprentices will gain experience with every aspect of publishing, honing professional screenprinting skills while learning the administrative skills required to support the printing projects.

Spudnik Press Apprentices are paid employees of Spudnik Press. Additionally, Apprentices receive complimentary keyholder access to the print studio February through December 2015.