We’re OPEN for business!

Today is the big day: Our first open studio in the new space….

Let’s be honest. We are down a few shelving units, we have yet to add glass slabs to our new tables, and we desperately need a couch, but things are looking good. Yesterday the band Picture Books had the honor of being the first to use the studio. They printed some pretty cool T-shirts, and everything went smoothly.

The next few weeks there will continue to be a lot of changes improvements! around the studio, like better screen storage, and a system for having your screen coated for you before you get to the studio (think less waiting around for stuff to dry…). We are also going to roll out a screen rental system so that you don’t have to worry about your image getting blasted out if you can’t make it in for a few weeks. We’ll be hanging more art and hopefully fixing our photocopier…

And here’s a few pictures:
Movin' around the dark room

The new studio, a little messy The new studio, not quite put together