Fall Artist In Residence: Sanya Glisic

Sanya Glisic

September 1 – November 30, 2010

We couldn’t be more excited to welcome our Fall 2010 Artist In Residence, Sanya Glisic. Below, in her own words, is a snippet of what she’s brewing up for us:

“Heinrich Hoffman’s “Der Struwwelpeter,” first published in German in 1844, contains ten cautionary tales for children, each one with a clear moral and overly exaggerated consequences for misbehavior. Since its first publishing, the book has retained a cult following, similar to Grimm’s tales.

For the residency, my project is to create a series of editioned, screen printed books illustrating this story. These old tales embody the whimsical, dark sensibilities that I closely identify with. Their morbid but playful nature lends itself freely to my line-work and interests in folklore and the surreal. This project is not intended to be a book for children; the drawings will emphasize the grotesque aspects of these tales, and will be for an adult reader.”