Renegade Craft Fair

It’s time for Renegade again! Come and visit Spudnik’s booth and grab some crafty prints!

Members, we are inviting you to share our booth with us! Each active member can submit up to 15 items. We will display between 1 and 3 prints from each participating artist at all times, at our discretion. For example, artists can submit 3 images, 5 copies of each or 15 monoprints. Please keep in mind that this is a craft fair. Keep price points under $50 and imagery catchy! Each member that has work represented is asked to volunteer a 4 hour shift during Renegade. (See below for shifts)

Members are responsible for creating clear professional labels. All work must be labelled with a title and the name of the artist, and price so that we can document what sales are made. It is your responsibility to keep an inventory list.

Work should be delivered in plastic sleeves with a rigid backing for easy display and handling. We have some bags available for resale at 25 cents each.

Spudnik Press kindly asks for 25% of the proceeds from sales made at Renegade to be donated to the studio. This will help cover the fee for the booth (which was $400!)

Confirm Participation by August 31. Include top three choices of shifts you would like to volunteer (Send to

Drop off artwork by September 7.

Pick up unsold artwork by September 30, or the artwork will be considered a donation to the press!

Volunteer Shifts:
Saturday, Sep. 10
4-8pm (will need a car)

Sunday, Sep. 11