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Custom Binders for Mr. Carpet

published at Spudnik Press

Custom-Designed screenprinted binders for Mr. Carpet
Medium: Screenprint on Hand-crafted Binders
Dimensions: Varied

You’ve known that Spudnik Press is your friendly community printshop where you can go to take classes, learn new techniques, and print independently; but did you know that Spudnik Press has been taking on custom publishing projects for over 4 years now?

Spudnik Press can bring to life that custom printmaking project that you’ve always wished you had the time/materials/skills to make. For years, the Publishing Program has been producing tons of posters, t-shirts, cd sleeves, tote bags, and limited edition art prints from a large diversity of clients, in a variety of processes. We work with companies, designers, individual artists, musicians, theaters, etc., in order to make your unique project a reality.

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Our most common media for consignment printing is screenprinting, but Spudnik Press’s expansive publishing program frequently encompasses letterpress printmaking and offset productions as well. Our shop is also equipped to produce custom relief printing projects, book-binding, and more! If you have an idea, we have a press.

For more information on our Publishing Program, please contact Ashlee or Angee at