Store Feature: Falco, Yates, and Greenberg

This week we have added artwork by three of our past Artists in Residence to our online store.

During his Fall 2009 Residency, Dan Falco created a suite of intaglio prints that posed scenarios for what is natural and what is not, as a result of genetic manipulation, advancement of science and technology and the modification of our environment.

Polly Yates was a Resident at Spudnik during the spring of 2012. Yates used ideas of fragmentation and collage to create images that were distorted or hidden, lending to a more abstract effect. Fragmenting an image enabled her to distort it while maintaining it`s integrity. It also allowed her to weave images into one another, giving the appearance of one image melting into the other, so that the boundaries of each is blurred, in flux.

Working in the form of block prints, drawings and monoprints, and using imagery found online, Daniel Greenberg depicted the detail and expansiveness of green forests on or with materials made from wood. Greenberg completed his Residency during the summer of 2012.