Join the Equipment Fund Committee

Did you know that our Equipment Fund Committee is raising money for a new computer station? We are raising $6,000 to purchase two new iMacs and a high-end tabloid laser printer.  We are 25% there and need your help!

How you can help:

1. Reach out to your place of work.

Many businesses help their employees fundraise through matching donations, sponsorship, or a simple in-office fundraiser. Does your office offer free coffee?  Setting up a simple donation jar for a day can help us reach our goal!

2. Purchase items from our “Little Delicious Planet” snack bar.

Our snack bar, located just inside the doors to the Spudnik studio, offers items for a donation, and that money goes DIRECTLY to the Equipment Fund. Just by quelling your hunger, you’re helping us get closer to new technology.

3. Donate equipment or technology to Spudnik.

We recently received a donation of an iPad from one of our members, and we are SO APPRECIATIVE! Spudnik is a non-profit and we make every dollar and donation stretch. The new iPad will allow us to offer better experiences at our events and better organize our inventory when we’re at fairs representing member artwork!

4. Join the Equipment Fund Committee.

Join current members Jennifer Ackerman and Veronica Siehl and Jessica Christy, Development Assistant. The more help we have, the more we can raise! We meet once a month and work together on fundraising opportunities.

Spudnik Press knows that you rely on the equipment in our studios and our computers certainly need a boost. Please consider helping us get there. To get involved, reach out to Jessica Christy, Development Assistant.