See The Printed City!

Featured Artists:

Lauren Anderson, Atlan Arceo-Witzl, Alana Bailey, Ryan Basile, L. Berger, Lilli Carré, Veronica Corzo-Duchardt, Luke Daly & Bailey Romaine, Anya Davidson, Jo Dery, JNL Design, Alex Fuller, Craig Hansen, Walker Kampf-Lassin, Angee Lennard, Cynthia Marris, Keara McGraw, Michelle Miller, Jennifer O’Neill, Colin Palombi, Adam Paul, Mike Pennekamp, Chloe Perkis, Jason Pickelman, Joey Potts, Reba Rakstad, Brad Rohloff, Jill Ruzicka, Mary Sea, Emily Serruto, Derek Smith, and Joe Tallarico


2/17/2020 – 4/8/2020


Spudnik Press Cooperative, 1821 West Hubbard, Chicago IL 60622

Corresponding Events:

Charlie and the Hashbrown Factory: 10th Annual Spudnik Press Chili Cook-Off

Exhibition Statement:

From zine fests to shows at The Hideout to Spudnik’s own “Heavy Metal County Fair” themed chili cook-off, our artists have designed stunning visuals for some of the city’s most well loved and experimental events in theatre, literature, music, and the arts. Don’t miss this deep dive into our archives, which includes 3-D posters, wearable posters, and posters so smart they come with books!

This 13-year retrospective of the Chicago arts scene through handprinted posters features screen, offset, and risography prints produced at Spudnik Press Cooperative through both open studio and in-house publishing programs.