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We’re OPEN for business!

Today is the big day: Our first open studio in the new space….

Let’s be honest. We are down a few shelving units, we have yet to add glass slabs to our new tables, and we desperately need a couch, but things are looking good. Yesterday the band Picture Books had the honor of being the first to use the studio. They printed some pretty cool T-shirts, and everything went smoothly.

The next few weeks there will continue to be a lot of changes improvements! around the studio, like better screen storage, and a system for having your screen coated for you before you get to the studio (think less waiting around for stuff to dry…). We are also going to roll out a screen rental system so that you don’t have to worry about your image getting blasted out if you can’t make it in for a few weeks. We’ll be hanging more art and hopefully fixing our photocopier…

And here’s a few pictures:
Movin' around the dark room

The new studio, a little messy The new studio, not quite put together

An impressive Ted Talk.

If you aren’t familiar with Ted Talks, you should get familiar. I have been establishing a routine of watching a talk each day on my lunch break, and it is the perfect way to get a little inspired for the afternoon.

The following talk is Clay Shirky addressing institutions versus collaborations in a way that perfectly frames the ideologies upon which Spudnik Press was created. He ingeniusely uses the phrase “mass amateurization” as something to strive for, and even ends the 20 minute talk by addressing the effects of the printing press on the next 200 years of culture.

Clemson National Print and Drawing Exhibit

One of the main reasons that I decided to start our own blog is because I noticed that it is hard to keep track and be aware of different opportunities to show work. I tried keeping a page of links, but this becomes outdated so fast. And I thought about forwarding information we receive about exhibits and opportunities, but then I would be spamming everyones mailbox that wasn’t interested.

So here I am. Posting about a juried show at the Center for Visual Arts in Clemson, South Carolina. I don’t know too much about this show. The deadline is kind of soon. And it costs $30 to apply. 2009 Clemson National Print and Drawing Exhibit

I don’t think I am a natural blogger, but I do know of many interesting sites, projects, spaces, shows, etc that I am really excited about sharing. So hopefully I will become more adept at writing these posts… And learn how to infuse them with the sharp wit and creative edge that all my favorite blogs seem to have…

Spudnik Press is moving… That’s right… Moving….

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This September, Spudnik Press will be moving into a commercial space at 1821 W. Hubbard. Just around the corner from our current location, this space is slightly larger and more open, and will be able to provide many new opportunities for Spudnik Press and our supporters.

Because of this, we will be closed from Tuesday August 26-Sep.14. Please let us know if this interferes with any planned printing projects, and we might be able to work something out. In our new space, open studio will continue to be held every Monday and Thursday, 6:30-11pm for $15/night.

You may have noticed that our website has graciously been improved by the talented Joel Sunman . Please poke around the site to learn more about upcoming classes and new studio rental options. Check back often to read the blog, see our archive of prints, and keep updated about the happenings at the press.

Save the date for the Housewarming Event on Saturday, October 18th. Details to follow.

Thank you tremendously for supporting Spudnik Press. I could not be happier to share the news that Spudnik has outgrown its home, and hope to have the opportunity to continue directing the press for many years to come.

Thanks for all you support,
Angee Lennard