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Message to the Community From the Spudnik Board of Directors

With gratitude and respect for her work and efforts the Board of Directors announces the resignation of Sara Emerson as Executive Director of Spudnik Press Cooperative effective October 31, 2022. In this transition the Board, as it looks forward, has realized that the systems Spudnik was built upon are unsustainable in their current model. The amount of work asked of our Director and our staff is not equitable and perpetuates foundational inequalities that we are not willing to stand by. Sara inherited an organization in crisis and was not properly informed about the expectations and obstacles to her and the organization’s success. These are fundamental things that need to be addressed for the future stability of Spudnik. In addition, two members of the Board, Hellen Coleman and Holly Ekwejunor-Etchie have also resigned their positions. 

At the time of Sara’s hire, the Board did not have the capacity or institutional knowledge to provide adequate support to properly address the challenges we face as an organization. The board had had only three members, two of which had nonmianal experience and were engaged in a difficult transition. Sara relocated for this position, unaware of the extent of the collective trauma our community had experienced. She was unprepared and under supported in taking on the significant challenge of restabilizing our organization financially, administratively, and in spirit. 

The need for change and restructuring is imperative. We must acknowledge the significant challenges ahead, as well as the time, commitment, and collaboration that making these changes will require. For Sara, we know the lack of resources and support has been especially frustrating, as much of her own work as an artist and professional has been centered in expanding equity, access, and inclusivity within printmaking. Sara has shared that her departure is profoundly upsetting on a personal level; getting to know the Spudnik community has been a great privilege, and she is deeply grateful to our members for their kindness, patience, and insight in these past months. 

We have reached a moment of critical reflection. We need to work with our staff, members, community, and friends to redefine ourselves and the way we work together and move forward. Reviewing our financial situation and our organizational structure, it has become clear that it is impossible for the Press to exist as it has. This is an exciting and difficult time of transition. By choosing to completely reassess ourselves we are opening our organization to being remade as a more caring, transparent, communal, and equitable space to create and support printmaking. 

We recognize that it is our fundamental structure and operation based in hierarchical organizational principles that have put us in this situation. To mitigate and counteract the inequalities within our current system we will not move with the Board at the forefront alone, but rather invite our community to come together and work with us side by side. Together we can imagine and create a better future that affirms our values to build a press where everyone feels welcome, supported, and inspired by one another. This will not be easy and will require help from everyone who cares and believes in Spudnik, but we are hopeful that we will meet this challenge with the full force and innovation of our community. 

We will hold a community meeting on Wednesday, November 2nd at 6:30pm to begin discussing the current challenges and some options we have been considering for the future of Spudnik. A large portion of the meeting will be dedicated to answering questions and collectively imagining how we move forward together.  This meeting is open to all who are or have felt like a part of the Spudnik community, not just those who are current members of the Press. Moreover, the Board will need help moving forward, so if there are those who considered joining the Board in the past, we urge you to consider that again. To attend our community meeting, we are requesting RSVPs:


This is not intended to limit participation in any way, rather to help us prepare the studio beforehand. While our meeting will be held at Spudnik, we will do our best to provide a virtual component for those who can not attend in person. 

If you have initial concerns or questions you would like answered during the meeting or beforehand, please direct them toward Please refrain from sending messages via Instagram or other modes, these channels go to staff members and we do not want this situation to put more work on their desks. The Board of Directors will respond as quickly as possible to all inquiries. 

Amira Hegazy, Dutes Miller, and Chris Perzan
The Board of Directors 

Link to Sara’s public resignation letter

Sara Emerson Named Next Executive Director of Spudnik Press

Spudnik Press is excited to announce the appointment of Sara Emerson as the organization’s incoming executive director. Sara Emerson will lead a new era of community engagement and inclusiveness for Spudnik Press. Holding a BA in Printmaking and Social Practice of the Arts from Bennington College, Emerson comes to Spudnik with a strong background of collaborative printmaking, arts programming, financial operations, and managerial positions across higher education institutions throughout the US. Sara Emerson joins Spudnik from Williams College, a liberal arts college in Massachusetts, with graduate programs in the history of art and a track record of ambitious goals encompassing sustainability; diversity, equity and inclusion; and accountability and transparency. As Williams College’ Studio Manager, Emerson provided broad leadership and managed day-to-day operations of the printmaking facilities.

“On behalf of the board, we are excited about the creative perspective, plus management, and programmatic experience in the printmaking arts that Sara will bring to the position as Executive Director. We are delighted to have attracted someone of Sara Emerson’s talent, enthusiasm and accomplishment. She brings all the key skills that Spudnik needs to be successful at this stage in its history,” says board member and chair of the search committee Hellen Colman.

As Emerson begins her leadership at Spudnik, she looks forward to continuing work with community partners, and developing new collaborations and programs that explore the range and diversity of our community.

Welcome, Sara!

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Sara is an arts educator and dedicated printmaker with a deep commitment to building and sustaining creative community networks of care, collaboration, and accountability. Sara believes in the power of printmaking as a medium for social change and personal empowerment; she has worked to cultivate equitable and inclusive printshop models and is eager to immerse herself in the Spudnik community. For the past decade, she has lived, learned, and worked between Southern Vermont and Western Massachusetts. 

Sara comes to Spudnik with many years of experience within collaborative, educational, and professional printmaking studios. As the Printmaking Technician and 2D Studio Manager at Williams College, she led initiatives to restructure the Art Department's organizational and fiscal strategies with a focus on material accessibility and sustainability. She increased transparency surrounding material costs, grants, and financial aid procedures, ensuring that all students, regardless of financial limitations, understood the resources and supports available to them. Sara shaped the future of the Williams printmaking studio, propelling a major renovation out of a years long stagnancy; with her support, the project broke ground in March 2022.

Before joining Williams College, Sara worked in higher education Admissions and Enrollment at Bard College at Simon's Rock. During this time, she built connections with students, families, and educational communities from across the globe. She is a passionate advocate for creating accessible education pathways for first generation and low-income students.

Sara holds a BA in Printmaking and Social Practice of the Arts from Bennington College. Her thesis exhibition was purchased by a private collector and is currently on view through the Art-in-Buildings initiative in New York City. Her work has been featured at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art, public galleries, and community spaces, as well as in private collections. In the summer of 2021, Sara attended the Lithography Intensive at Tamarind Institute. She has worked in tandem with master printers, print publishing houses, and internationally recognized artists in the US and abroad.