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One Month In: A Message From Spudnik’s New Executive Director

Today officially marks my first month as the New Executive Director of Spudnik Press Cooperative, and what an exciting month it has been! Throughout the whirlwind of these past weeks, I’ve been filled with an abundance of gratitude for the Spudnik community. Members, you have shown me such kindness and patience in this time of transition. I look forward to building relationships and, over time, gaining your confidence and trust. 

This is a time to come together as a community and strengthen our values. Some Members have felt hurt by past actions; it’s important to acknowledge this pain, to learn from it, and to grow forward together with the understanding that there is work to be done. Printmaking is an inherently collaborative medium, one in which we develop close working relationships with our peers not only through sharing studio space and equipment, but through sharing our personal narratives, concepts, and beliefs. I am committed to doing the work to ensure that Spudnik, and our leadership, reflects these practices. All are welcome at Spudnik Press Cooperative. 

This is also a time to celebrate and look ahead! Our community is generous and knowledgeable; I’ve been amazed by our Members’ willingness to share. The love for this community is abundant. Many of you have similar goals for Spudnik’s continued success and growth. With your support, I am eager to strengthen our organizational strategy, become increasingly inclusive in our mission and programming, and to uphold compassion, collaboration, and accountability within the core of our institutional values. 

Last week, I had the pleasure of hosting our May Member Meeting. After introducing myself, I opened the conversation for Members to do the same. To my delight, every person participated. From sharing our pathways to Spudnik to personal stories on how we became print nerds, it was a privilege to hear from so many of you. 

This exchange felt like a testament to the essence of our community: a willingness to communicate, to share, and to listen. I want to be clear in my own intentions to reflect these very principles in my leadership, and to foster an environment where organizational values are upheld and individual identities are recognized and celebrated. 

It is an honor and a privilege to join Spudnik Press as your Executive Director. I look forward to stewarding Spudnik into this newest chapter, with the wisdom and contributions from our dedicated Members, Board of Directors, and hardworking Staff. 

For now, I’ll leave things where I began– filled with gratitude and appreciation for our vibrant community. 

Thank you,

Sara Emerson
Pronouns: she/her/hers
Executive Director of Spudnik Press Cooperative